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for government procurement professionals.

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Public Purchasing & Bid Approval Workflows

The BidNet Direct e-procurement solution makes it easy to manage approval workflows by automating the most time-consuming tasks, simplifying document distribution and offering custom approval options for any type of solicitation.

The importance of vendor outreach

Are you looking for more vendor outreach? You are not alone. Local government purchasing professionals throughout the country are constantly looking for more outreach and vendor competition for goods, services, and construction bids.

Vendor Performance Management

BidNet Direct Vendor Performance Management provides procurement managers with the tools they need to efficiently and effectively track vendor performance across multiple projects.

Contract Management

BidNet Direct Contract Management is the all-in-one solution that helps procurement teams get the most value out of their efforts.

Approval Workflows

BidNet Direct provides tools to streamline and simplify the approval process, empowering procurement managers and their teams to easily navigate purchasing projects from the creation and evaluation stage to the final contract award.

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