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Approval Workflows

BidNet Direct provides tools to streamline and simplify the approval process, empowering procurement managers and their teams to easily navigate purchasing projects from the creation and evaluation stage to the final contract award.

What are the benefits of an e-procurement solution?

Since 1999, BidNet has learned about the needs of its participating purchasing users and implemented those requirements for a seamless purchasing system. BidNet Direct helps cut costs, improves efficiency, and makes increased vendor outreach achievable.

Electronic Bid Submission: Go Digital

Going from paper to electronic bid submissions is a change in both policy and practice, but it is worth the adjustment to go digital for the cost savings, time savings and flexibility. Electronic bid submission (EBS) also makes utilizing other procurement tools such as online response evaluation and contract management that much more seamless.

Bring your evaluation of responses online

BidNet provides your team a quick, secure and easy way to evaluate responses online. With BidNet’s Bid Evaluation, evaluators can independently score vendor responses to create a seamless process for ranking proposals.

81-87 of 87 Resources

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