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Idaho Purchasing Group

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Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
Superpave Asphalt Materials Idaho 01/22/2020 02/17/2020
Online course instruction for Idaho EMTs Idaho 01/22/2020 02/12/2020
Telehealth Environmental Scan Idaho 01/22/2020 01/28/2020
2020 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation (CIPP) Project Idaho 01/21/2020 02/04/2020
Person-Centered Thinking Training and People Planning Together Train-the-Trainer Services Idaho 01/21/2020 02/27/2020
RFQ for Design-Build for New Dry Storage Building, division of Military, Nampa, Idaho Idaho 01/20/2020 02/12/2020
Centennial High School Field Work Idaho 01/20/2020 02/06/2020
Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School Addition Idaho 01/20/2020 02/03/2020
Independent Living Skills and Case Management Services Idaho 01/20/2020 02/24/2020
Trailer Mounted Cable Puller Idaho 01/20/2020 02/18/2020
Upgrade Fire Life Safety System, IMSI, Department of Correction, Kuna, Idaho Idaho 01/20/2020 02/20/2020
Main Street Sidewalk and ADA Ramps - Lapwai Idaho 01/17/2020 01/29/2020
Janitorial Services Idaho 01/17/2020 01/28/2020
Washer and Dryer for IDOC Idaho 01/17/2020 01/30/2020
IT Support Services RFP Idaho 01/17/2020 02/06/2020
Replace Roof, Idaho State University, Meridian, Idaho Idaho 01/16/2020 02/06/2020
24' by 35' Prefabricated Steel Bridge with Guardrails Idaho 01/15/2020 02/10/2020
Roofing Repairs Idaho 01/15/2020 02/07/2020
Middleton Road Rebuild - Greenhurst Rd to Roosevelt Ave Idaho 01/15/2020 01/29/2020
Crisis Bed Staffing Idaho 01/15/2020 01/27/2020
Support and Consulting Activities Idaho 01/15/2020 01/23/2020
ITD - FY20 D2 BRIDGE REPAIR US-95 - Various Counties Idaho 01/13/2020 02/11/2020
Stream Gaging Services Idaho 01/13/2020 02/10/2020
Event Planning Services Idaho 01/13/2020 02/05/2020
Family and Youth Involvment and Support Idaho 01/10/2020 03/31/2020
FY20 D2 BRIDGE REPAIR US-95 Idaho 01/10/2020 02/11/2020
Applying epoxy overlays to 12 Bridges along US-95 , 2" hydro-demo removal, applying a 2.5" silica fume overlay to the Slate Creek Bridge Idaho 01/10/2020 02/11/2020
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair - Bonneville County Idaho 01/09/2020 01/30/2020
Haul and Spread of Liquid Wastewater Bio Solids Idaho 01/08/2020 01/28/2020
Consolidated Plan & Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice Idaho 01/08/2020 01/24/2020
Chevrolet Silverado 6500 trucks with flatbeds Idaho 01/07/2020 02/03/2020
Chiller Replacement, Multipurpose Building, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho Idaho 01/07/2020 01/30/2020
Remodel Front Entrance for Security, Forensics, Bldg. 1, Idaho State Police, Meridian, Idaho Idaho 01/07/2020 01/28/2020
Network Switches Idaho 01/06/2020 02/13/2020
UPS Replacement Idaho 01/06/2020 02/13/2020
Wireless Access Points Idaho 01/06/2020 02/13/2020
Cottage Renovation, Office & Infirmary Remodel, Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind, Gooding, Idaho Idaho 01/02/2020 01/30/2020
2019 Fresh Produce ITB Idaho 12/31/2019 02/12/2020
Upgrade Fire Life Safety Systems, IMSI, Department of Corrections, Kuna, Idaho Idaho 12/31/2019 02/06/2020
New Office and Training Center, SBWCC, Department of Corrections, Kuna, Idaho Idaho 12/31/2019 02/06/2020
SH-52, DOWNTOWN EMMETT RECONSTRUCTION Idaho 12/31/2019 01/28/2020
For the work of resurfacing SH-52 from MP 30.23 to 31.84 and reconstructing the roadway between MP 30.41 to 30.65; Emmett. Idaho 12/30/2019 01/28/2020
Water Borne Traffic Paint Glass Beads Idaho 12/26/2019 01/31/2020
Herbicide Free Treatment of Aquatic Invasive Species Idaho 12/20/2019 01/23/2020
Healthcare Transformation Financial Analysis Idaho 12/16/2019 01/27/2020
Financial and Operational Technical Assistance for Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Health Clinic Idaho 12/13/2019 01/23/2020
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