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Solicitation Title Delivery Location Published Date Closing Date
Restoration of Historic Ellingwood Chapel Doors Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/12/2018
Fenway Portal Flood Mitigation Project Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/11/2018
Network Infrastructure and Wireless Upgrade Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/11/2018
Water Meters & Advanced Metering Infrastructure Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/11/2018
Parking Lots and Walkways Improvements, Mount Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/10/2018
Emerson James and Melville Basement Window Replacement Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/10/2018
Parking Lots and Walkways Improvements, Mount Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/10/2018
Request for Qualifications for Electrical General Contractors Lighting Control System Upgrade Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/10/2018
OPM Services for the Boston City Hall and Plaza Renovations Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/09/2018
Elevator Modernizations at the Unified Arts Building and Lynch Recreation Center Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/09/2018
On-call Commuter Rail Construction Services, for R.O.W. Improvements: Drainage, Wall, Concrete Repair And Platforms Various Locations Throughout Massachusetts Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/09/2018
Katama Airfield Hangar Project Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/09/2018
Hynes Convention Center Replacement Piping of Exhibit Hall Floor Boxes Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/09/2018
ROADWAY RESURFACING IN BOSTON Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/09/2018
Mass Rock Removal by controlled blasting to prepare site for new construction at Norfolk Fire Department, 117 Main Street, Norfolk, MA. Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/08/2018
Elevator Work Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/08/2018
Mass Rock Excavation Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/06/2018
Completion of an investigation and evaluation report related for the Metropolis Ice Rink Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/05/2018
Kennedy Service Building Interior Renovations Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/05/2018
Interior renovations to Kennedy Service Building, Woodlawn Cemetery, Acton, MA. Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/05/2018
Halifax Elementary School Doors, Siding, Windows - Repair and Replace Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Develop, conduct, and analyze a statistically valid resident survey for the Town with the goal of establishing baseline data and gauging citizen opinion regarding services, activities, and overall dir Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/28/2017
Lease of Modular Building(s) for Miacomet Golf Course Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Town Hall Lighting System, Katherine Cornell Theater Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Two-year lease of modular building units suitable for providing temporary clubhouse facilities at Miacomet Golf Course Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Lease of Modular Buildings for Temp Clubhouse Facilities Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
New Energy Conservation Measures Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
On-call Installation of Window Shades in Various Town and School Buildings, Andover, MA Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Ned O'Brien Ice Rink: Refrigeration Equipment and Mechanical Room Renovation Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Tree and Woody Debris Management, Removal and Disposal Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Holliston Public Library Design/Engineering Services: Library Roof and HVAC System Replacement Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Town Offices Gymnasium Window Replacement Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Window Replacement Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Winter Hill Community Innovation School - Windows & Doors Replacement Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/03/2018
Emerson James and Melville Basement Window Replacement Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/03/2018
Owner's Project Management Services for renovations to the DPW Highway Garage and Police Headquarters Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/03/2018
Fire Station #2 Renovations Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/29/2017
Design and Engineering Services for Athletic Fields and Stadium Renovations Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/29/2017
AVX & Sawyer Street Facility Re-use Planning Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/03/2018
Supply and Install New 60 KW natural gas Emergency Generator and automatic transfer switch at Medway Police Station Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/03/2018
PEARL-ELM MUNICIPAL GARAGE RESTORATION Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/10/2018
Owner's Project Manager Services for the Fire Station #2 Renovations Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/29/2017
Design and Engineering Services for the Athletic Fields and Stadium Renovations Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/29/2017
Civics Education Institute and Network Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/02/2018
Siasconset Water - Baxter Rd Area Cleaning & Lining Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/28/2017
Baxter Road Water Main Cleaning and Lining Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/28/2017
Westlawn Doors Replacement Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/28/2017
Sanitary Drain Piping Replacement Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/28/2017
Maple Springs Water Purification Plant Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/27/2017
Bathroom Renovations Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/27/2017
Renovation of the school's Lord & Burnham Greenhouse Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/27/2017
B16 2nd Floor Office Reconfiguration: Renovations to multiple offices to include some demolition Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/27/2017
Engineering Services for Replacement of Roof and HVAC System for the Holliston Library Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Plumbing Services Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/04/2018
Servicing Electrical and Electronic System at DCR Sport Facilities, Recreational Areas, Properties & Buildings -Statewide Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/31/2018
Nursing Facilities to Provide Specialized Ventilator-Dependent Services Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/22/2030
Marston Hall, Elevator Replacement Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/21/2017
Mullins, Roof Assessment Phase 2 Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/20/2017
Roadway Reconstruction and Related Work Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/09/2018
Beverage Pouring Rights Massachusetts 12/14/2017 02/19/2018
Landscaping, Snow Removal, Tree Care and Related Services Massachusetts 12/14/2017 04/01/2018
Charles River Restoration Feasability Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/05/2018
FY2019 Request for Grant Applications Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/16/2018
2018 Barnstable Police Department Renovation (reissue) Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/25/2018
2018 Barnstable Police Department Renovation Project (Re-issued)  Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/25/2018
Diversified Real Assets - Investment Manager Services Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/10/2018
Security Improvements to Lobby at HC Solomon Mental Health Center Massachusetts 12/14/2017 01/10/2018
Stair Improvement Project Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/28/2017
Requesting Unit Price Proposals to Prequalify Asbestos Contractors Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/21/2017
Bridge Replacement Br. No. S-23-005 (NEBT Beams) Blackstone Street over the Blackstone River Massachusetts 12/14/2017 12/19/2017
Purchase of Police Horses and Associated Equipment/ Supplies Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/16/2018
Purchase Shuttle Bus Transportation Services Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/12/2018
Western MA Solar Hot Water Challenge Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/12/2018
Thomson Place network Analysis and Design Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/12/2018
JACKETED CABLE, 2,000,000 CIR MILS Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/16/2018
Maintenance Repair and Support Services for Equipment Interceptors and Infrastructure Massachusetts 12/13/2017 12/15/2017
Design/Engineering Services for HVAC and Roof Replacement at Holliston Library Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/04/2018
Asbestos Abatement, Repair and Disposal Massachusetts 12/13/2017 12/30/2017
Build BPS 21 Century Furniture Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/18/2018
Water meters and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) hardware, software, and professional services for a fixed and/or cellular system Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/11/2018
5 year contract for school transportation Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/25/2018
GBPC 2018 Sweepers Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/25/2018
Student Transportation Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/18/2018
Special education school transportation Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/26/2018
Suppliers for Biological Safety Cabinets, Cleaning, Certification, Maintenance, Repair & Installation Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/30/2018
Design of a "pump house" to add aluminum sulfate to Monponsett Pond on an as needed basis to combat algae growth Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/16/2018
Refuse and Recyclables Collection and Transportation Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/17/2018
Consulting/technical assistance services for Section 8 and Public Housing Programs Massachusetts 12/13/2017 02/01/2018
Traffic network analysis and traffic/civil engineering Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/12/2018
MBTA Wheel Measurement System Massachusetts 12/13/2017 12/20/2017
Lease of Town Property Extend the Existing Septage Treatment Facility Via Development Massachusetts 12/13/2017 02/16/2018
Direct Placement of SIFMA Bonds Massachusetts 12/13/2017 12/20/2017
Whittemore Park Planning Project Massachusetts 12/13/2017 01/03/2018
Greenhouse renovation Massachusetts 12/13/2017 12/27/2017
Roberts Meadow Standing Timber and Pulpwood Massachusetts 12/13/2017 12/27/2017
Sale of 3 lots of timber Massachusetts 12/13/2017 12/27/2017
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