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The importance of vendor communication

The importance of vendor communication

Vendor communication is an important part of the sourcing process. When a change occurs in how your organization distributes business opportunities, vendors need to know. Communicating the new process with your vendors will alleviate missed bids, unnecessary phone calls, and headaches for both your buying organization and vendors. In addition, continued communication and an easy-to-use bid platform will help build a positive relationship and trust with vendors.

So how do I communicate our new process to our vendors?

There really is no wrong way to communicate this information to your vendors. What works for one public organization may not work for others. However, BidNet Direct suggests these forms of communication to your existing vendor database regarding your joining the platform:

• A press release stating the new process; that your solicitations are now available on BidNet Direct
• An email to your current vendor and bidder lists with a link to your BidNet Direct branded page, which includes your open bids and link to register
• A letter (yes, via the post office!) to your vendors outlining your new purchasing process and the web address to register on BidNetDirect.com
• A link on the purchasing department page of your organization’s website leading back to your new branded page on BidNet Direct

Although the right way to communicate to your vendors may vary, most organizations want to do it in the most effective way to reach as many bidders and vendors as possible. The more forms of communication you use to let your vendors know of your new processes, the more likely it is to be seen. Let your vendors know today that your bids will soon be available on BidNet Direct!

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