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Simplify your purchasing process this summer

Simplify your purchasing process this summer

Whether it be due to vacations, budgets already being spent, or any number of other reasons; summer is often considered the “slow” season for many local government purchasing departments. With fewer bids being issued, that makes summer the perfect time to consider expanding your sourcing tools with BidNet Direct!

Core sourcing solution

Our bid distribution and vendor management tools provide your agency a central location to post and manage all of your bid opportunities and RFPs. It then distributes your opportunities to all of the vendors offer that product or service that are registered among the tens of thousands of vendors within our vendor database.  Your outreach can be regional, include additional vendors not yet registered on BidNet Direct, or customized to the needs of a specific solicitation based on a multitude of filters and options. This increased outreach has helped many other local governments already increase competition for bids! While we are known at our core as a bid distribution and vendor management solution, we provide a whole host of modules to improve each aspect of your purchasing process.

Our approval workflow automates your purchasing approval process through notifications and workflows, saving valuable time through the bid publishing, award, and contract processes. You will also have access to our Electronic Bid Submission feature, allowing your agency to accept bid submission online, in addition to physical bid submissions. The online Question and Answers feature provides a section within each of your bid submissions for vendors to easily ask questions during the Q&A period that you set. This centralizes all questions and provides you with several options for answering your questions, including an easy way to put them into an addendum sent to all interested vendors.

After the bid closing

The bid evaluation process can be very timely for local government organizations. From tracking down evaluators and having to personally remind them, to preparing the evaluation questions and tallying up the scores; each aspect of the bid evaluation process can be time consuming. Our Bid Evaluation module simplifies the process through custom evaluation forms, set deadlines, automated reminders, and scoring, all with full audit capabilities of all information available upon each evaluation step. Fully integrated with our core solution, this evaluation process works with both physical (paper) and electronic bid submissions.

Another one of BidNet Direct’s modules is the Vendor Performance Management. Vendor Performance Management allows your agency to score, notate, and communicate the vendor performance of suppliers on a per-project basis.  Custom created scorecards and infraction details convert your performance evaluations to an online, auditable, and simplified process.

These are just some of the key features your agency will benefit from by joining BidNet Direct! To learn more about how we can help your agency streamline each step of the purchasing process, schedule your quick 15-minute demo here so you can enjoy the rest of your summer!

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