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Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
Human Performance Training North Dakota 06/02/2020 06/22/2020
ND Veterans Home Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping North Dakota 06/02/2020 06/18/2020
Street Improvement District No. 536 North Dakota 06/02/2020 06/16/2020
Gowns Disposable & Reusable North Dakota 06/02/2020 06/11/2020
Optical Color Sorter North Dakota 06/02/2020 06/12/2020
FTA Drug and Alcohol Specialist North Dakota 06/01/2020 06/18/2020
Skid-Steer Loader with Tracks North Dakota 06/01/2020 06/15/2020
Robotic Process Automation North Dakota 06/01/2020 06/10/2020
Sale of Surplus Property - Alerus Center North Dakota 05/29/2020 06/23/2020
Hybrid Classrooms Equipment ITS North Dakota 05/29/2020 06/11/2020
Drivers License System Replacement North Dakota 05/28/2020 06/23/2020
Acrylic Sheets North Dakota 05/28/2020 06/02/2020
Trail Repair at Little Missouri State Park (LMBSP) North Dakota 05/27/2020 06/16/2020
Sanitary Sewer, Water Main, Storm Sewer, Paving, Site Grading, Street Lights & Incidental North Dakota 05/27/2020 06/10/2020
Sanitary Sewer, Water Main, Storm Sewer, Paving, Street Lights & Incidentals North Dakota 05/27/2020 06/10/2020
Historic Architectural Survey - Highland Acres North Dakota 05/27/2020 06/12/2020
Landfill Refuse Compactor with Trade-in Equipment North Dakota 05/27/2020 06/18/2020
Advertising and Intergrated Marketing Services North Dakota 05/26/2020 06/16/2020
Digital and Innovation Services North Dakota 05/26/2020 06/12/2020
Mastic Products and Equipment Rental North Dakota 05/26/2020 06/11/2020
NCHC Championship Rings North Dakota 05/26/2020 06/10/2020
Aero High Use Items North Dakota 05/22/2020 06/05/2020
Lighting Conversion at the Belle Mehus Auditorium North Dakota 05/22/2020 06/10/2020
Site Drainage Improvements North Dakota 05/20/2020 06/24/2020
Furnishing Street Maintenance Materials North Dakota 05/20/2020 06/08/2020
Traffic Signal Video Detection Systems North Dakota 05/20/2020 06/08/2020
Mastic Mixer North Dakota 05/20/2020 06/09/2020
Medication Delivery Program North Dakota 05/20/2020 06/09/2020
Dump Box, 2-3 Yd North Dakota 05/20/2020 06/05/2020
Request for Mitel Phone System Upgrade North Dakota 05/20/2020 06/05/2020
Street Utility Project No. 53 North Dakota 05/19/2020 06/08/2020
CAFR Reporting Compilation North Dakota 05/19/2020 07/15/2020
Wetland Removal and Drainage System Improvements North Dakota 05/18/2020 06/15/2020
Printing- Bills, Resolutions, & Journals North Dakota 05/15/2020 06/02/2020
Painting Projects LSTC Campus North Dakota 05/15/2020 06/04/2020
Street Lighting Rehabilitation & Incidentals North Dakota 05/14/2020 06/10/2020
Underground Utility Locator Services North Dakota 05/14/2020 06/09/2020
Street Utility Fee Consultant Services North Dakota 05/12/2020 06/12/2020
Public, Private Partnership (P3)Development of Memorial Stadium Site(1B South) North Dakota 05/11/2020 06/30/2020
Williston State Teton Athletics Bus Contract North Dakota 05/07/2020 06/12/2020
State Budget System North Dakota 05/05/2020 06/04/2020
Data Aggregator North Dakota 04/27/2020 06/05/2020
Law Enforcement Training Simulator North Dakota 04/23/2020 06/08/2020
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