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Eastern New Mexico University

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Eastern New Mexico University Bid Opportunities

Eastern New Mexico University’s Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register or login to see details of all open opportunities.

In the spirit of continuous improvement Eastern New Mexico University utilizes the New Mexico Purchasing Group and welcomes your participation and cooperation.

Please note that solicitations issued prior to May 24, 2016 can be found here: http://legacy.newmexicobidsystem.com

Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
Award Date
RFP-1085 Digital Imaging RFP-1085 Digital Imaging Products New Mexico 11/19/2008 01/05/2009
RFP-70624 Software Reseller Services New Mexico 08/06/2008 08/29/2008
ITB-1711 Water Tube Boiler New Mexico 05/30/2008 06/16/2008
RFP-683045 Recreational and Athletic Equipment, Supplies and Services New Mexico 05/13/2008 06/13/2008
ITB-1702 Baseball Fencing Project New Mexico 01/10/2008 01/28/2008
ITB-1691 Water Tube Boiler New Mexico 07/12/2007 07/26/2007
RFP-164N Architectural Services for Natatorium Project New Mexico 04/27/2007 05/18/2007
ITB-1687 Food Service Equipment New Mexico 03/22/2007 04/12/2007
ITB-1685 Air Conditioners New Mexico 02/14/2007 03/01/2007
RFP-163 Electrical Engineering Services New Mexico 02/08/2007 03/01/2007
RFP-152 Architectural Services for Natatorium Project New Mexico 06/21/2006 07/20/2006
ITB-1664 Studio Stage Equipment and Lighting Grid System New Mexico 06/19/2006 07/13/2006
RFP-150 Food Services New Mexico 03/10/2006 04/06/2006
RFP-149 FM Transmission System Project - Phase I New Mexico 01/20/2006 02/09/2006
RFP-146 Copier Equipment and Maintenance Services New Mexico 09/28/2005 10/20/2005
RFP-144 Audit Services New Mexico 05/04/2005 05/20/2005
ITB-1644 Chaves Hall Renovation & Harding Hall Window Renovation New Mexico 05/02/2005 05/24/2005
ITB-1642 Vertical Transportation Services New Mexico 03/29/2005 04/21/2005
RFP-141 Student Housing Land Developers New Mexico 03/28/2005 05/20/2005
ITB-1640 Housing Management Software New Mexico 03/15/2005 03/31/2005
ITB-1641 Portable Video Conferencing System New Mexico 03/09/2005 03/29/2005
ITB-1638 Microscopes New Mexico 01/31/2005 02/22/2005
ITB-1633 Campus Lighting New Mexico 12/16/2004 01/12/2005
RFP-135 Architectural Services for Science Building Project New Mexico 12/07/2004 01/21/2005
ITB-1631 Fire Alarm Upgrades for the Campus Union Building New Mexico 11/23/2004 12/21/2004
RFP-134 Upgrading MD110 PBX Telephone System New Mexico 11/16/2004 12/15/2004
ITB-1630 Audio Distribution System New Mexico 11/10/2004 12/06/2004
RFP-133 Fleet Management Services New Mexico 07/22/2004 08/17/2004
ITB-1625 Campus Signage New Mexico 07/06/2004 07/19/2004
ITB-1622 Physical Sciences Research Equipment New Mexico 05/03/2004 05/19/2004
ITB-Notice for Vendor Bid 1623 Campus Lighting New Mexico 05/03/2004 05/20/2004
RFP-131 Student Health Clinic Pharmaceutical Services New Mexico 04/23/2004 05/17/2004
ITB-1621 Biology Supplies New Mexico 04/12/2004 04/29/2004
RFP-130 Cellular Telephone Services New Mexico 04/07/2004 05/13/2004
ITB-1618 Campus Signs New Mexico 04/05/2004 04/22/2004
ITB-1620 Roof Replacement New Mexico 03/30/2004 04/14/2004
ITB-1619 Communication Center Building New Mexico 03/10/2004 04/20/2004
ITB-1617 Digital Television Equipment New Mexico 01/23/2004 02/11/2004
ITB-1616 Broadcast IP Interface Equipment New Mexico 01/22/2004 02/09/2004
ITB-1613 Conveyor Dish Machine System New Mexico 11/04/2003 11/17/2003
ITB-1612 Research Equipment New Mexico 10/24/2003 11/13/2003
ITB-1611 Smart Classroom Video/Audio Equipment Project New Mexico 10/24/2003 11/17/2003
ITB-1610 Science Equipment New Mexico 09/30/2003 10/21/2003
ITB-1609 Controls Project - Valves and Actuators New Mexico 09/30/2003 10/14/2003
ITB-1608 Video Equipment New Mexico 09/19/2003 10/09/2003
ITB-1606 Smart Classroom Project New Mexico 08/15/2003 09/18/2003
ITB-1605 Soccer Field Fence Project New Mexico 07/29/2003 08/19/2003
RFP-126 Re:Learning Program Assistant Services New Mexico 07/23/2003 08/12/2003
RFP-122 Rebid 800/Toll Free Telephone Services New Mexico 07/08/2003 07/31/2003
ITB-1602 Various Carpet Projects New Mexico 07/08/2003 07/24/2003
ITB-1603 Temperature Control Supplies New Mexico 07/03/2003 07/24/2003
ITB-1599 Science Supplies New Mexico 06/10/2003 06/26/2003
RFP-123 Legislative Consulting Services New Mexico 06/10/2003 07/15/2003
ITB-1597 Soccer Field Construction New Mexico 06/03/2003 06/19/2003
ITB-1595 Football Equipment New Mexico 05/14/2003 06/03/2003
RFQ-030803 Wood Lockers and Storage Cabinets New Mexico 05/08/2003 05/15/2003
ITB-1594 Bid 1594 Musical Instruments New Mexico 05/08/2003 05/22/2003
RFP-122 800 Toll-Free Telephone Services New Mexico 04/28/2003 05/14/2003
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