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Village of Lake Orion Bid Opportunities

Village of Lake Orion’s Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register or login to see details of all open opportunities.

In the spirit of continuous improvement Village of Lake Orion utilizes the MITN Purchasing Group and welcomes your participation and cooperation.

Please note that solicitations issued prior to June 10, 2017 can be found here: http://legacy.mitn.info

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Solicitation Number Title Delivery Location Published Date Closing Date
Award Date
ITB 2017-125-004 Pavement Striping Oakland County, MI, USA
07/14/2017 07/28/2017
ITB-2017-125-003 Asphalt Paving MI, USA
05/01/2017 05/12/2017
ITB-2017-03 Auditing Service MI, USA
03/16/2017 03/31/2017
RFQ-lodda2017 RFQ - Hanging Flower Baskets MI, USA
02/14/2017 02/22/2017
ITB-2017-125-02 Roof Replacement MI, USA
02/07/2017 02/24/2017
RFP-2017-125-01 ADA Sidewalk Ramp Installation MI, USA
02/03/2017 02/17/2017
RFP-2017-02 Engineering Services - Drinking Water Revolving Fund Project Plan MI, USA
01/30/2017 02/21/2017
RFP-2017-01 General Civil Engineering and Surveying Services MI, USA
01/30/2017 02/21/2017
ITB-2016-125-002 Asphalt Paving MI, USA
08/08/2016 08/22/2016
ITB-2016-125-001 Leaf Box Container Purchase MI, USA
07/28/2016 08/11/2016
RFP-2016-05-001 Request for Qualifications/Proposals - Legal Services MI, USA
05/24/2016 06/13/2016
RFP-2016-02 Seawall Repair Program - Bridge Street & Green's Park MI, USA
05/12/2016 05/31/2016
RFP- 2016-001 Seawall Repair Program - Bridge Street & Green's Park MI, USA
04/26/2016 05/04/2016
RFQ-2016-2 Printing Services MI, USA
02/29/2016 03/08/2016
RFP-2016-2 Site Clean Up - Trees, Junk, and Debris MI, USA
01/25/2016 02/12/2016
RFP-2016-1 Hanging Flower Baskets MI, USA
01/08/2016 02/15/2016
ITB-2015-12-01 GIS Computer Work Station MI, USA
12/30/2015 01/19/2016
RFP-2015-5 Commercial Appraisal MI, USA
10/21/2015 11/04/2015
ITB-2015-125-002 Snow Plow Purchase MI, USA
09/25/2015 10/09/2015
RFP-2015-4 Tree Stump Removal and Installation MI, USA
09/11/2015 09/18/2015
ITB-2015-001 Asphalt Paving 2015 MI, USA
04/29/2015 05/15/2015
ITB-2015-171-001 Village Hall Telephones MI, USA
04/28/2015 05/06/2015
RFQ-2015 -3 Printing Services MI, USA
03/02/2015 03/13/2015
RFQ-2015 - 2 Hanging Flower Baskets 2015 Hanging Flower Baskets 2015 MI, USA
01/30/2015 02/13/2015
RFP-2015-1 Request for Professional Services MI, USA
01/14/2015 02/03/2015
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1 - 25 of 53 results found
Results per page: 25 50 100