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18-2516 - Liquid Bus & Floor Soap

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Basic Information

Reference Number


Issuing Organization

Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation

Solicitation Type

RFP - Request for Proposal

Solicitation Number



Liquid Bus & Floor Soap

Source ID




United States, Michigan, Wayne County

Purchase Type

Term: 05/01/2018 12:00 AM EDT - 04/30/2021 11:59 PM EDT

Piggyback Contract




02/13/2018 04:16 PM EST

Question Acceptance Deadline

02/23/2018 03:00 PM EST

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

03/02/2018 03:00 PM EST

Contact Information

Cornell Batie




1.02        Scope of Work
The Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) requests proposals for LIQUID BUS & FLOOR SOAP, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this solicitation. The contract shall be a firm fixed price. Award will be based on the following criteria in descending order of importance: Compliance with specifications; product performance during testing (if required); and availability of product. Award will be to the Offeror or offers deemed most advantageous and of the best value to SMART. Discussions or negotiations may be conducted under this proposal; however; SMART reserves the right to award a contract based on the initial proposal without discussions or negotiations.
1.03        Technical Specifications
The Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) the public transportation authority, servicing suburban Metropolitan Detroit is soliciting proposals for three types of cleaners monitored at and delivered to each terminal:

  1. Liquid alkaline multi-purpose detergent cleaner for washing vehicle exterior 
  2. Liquid alkaline multi-purpose detergent cleaner for washing vehicle interior 
  3. Floor stripping soap for automated floor scrubber 
  4. Any quantities shown on the Price Schedule are estimated quantities only. It shall be understood that these quantities are variable and SMART reserves the right to purchase an amount more or less should SMART’s requirements increase or decrease during the time of the contract. 
  5. Products will be ordered on an “as needed” basis throughout the term of the contract. Products will be ordered by the Foremen at the terminal locations.
  1. One delivery monthly to each terminal. All other deliveries must be approved by the Project Manager, Le Juan Burt.
The undersigned hereby agrees to furnish the services/materials as listed in accordance with the specifications which have been carefully examined and which are listed below. All fees associated with this proposal must be shown. No hidden fees will be accepted.
Provide Soap: Industrial, Bus Wash & Floor Scrubber for the listed SMART locations per attached specifications for a three (3) year period with options to renew for up to two additional one year periods.  These specifications cover SMART, vendor and product requirements for two multi-purpose alkaline detergents, one for coach exterior cleaning, one for coach interiors and one floor stripping soap for automated floor scrubbers.  All products must conform to these specifications.  Unauthorized conditions, limitations or provisions attached to the proposal may render the proposal informal and cause its rejection. Prior to submission of this proposal, potential suppliers should inspect all terminal wash areas.  An appointment must be made with the Foreman on duty of each terminal prior to your visit. SMART reserves the right to add or delete any location and the adding or deleting of a location or operation will not affect the quoted prices.
  1. Macomb/Hein Terminal – 22900 E. 15 Mile Rd., Clinton Township, MI 48035
  2. Oakland Terminal – 2021 Barrett, Troy, MI 48084
  3. Wayne Terminal – 30000 Industrial Drive, Inkster, MI 48141
NO communication in person, by telephone or by any means are to be made to any employee during or after product evaluation relevant to the product testing unless the communication is specifically requested by the Facilities Manager or the Purchasing Department.  Any unauthorized communication may result in the disqualification of your proposal and products submitted for testing.
1.1.      Data
SMART reserves the right to ask for any data that it deems necessary at any time before, during an after testing or after an award is made at no cost.
All bidders must furnish with their bid, as an integral part there of, a complete description and specifications of the product/s offered to be provided during the contract period
If requested in writing, all product data and or testing information provided will, to the extent possible, be treated as confidential.
1.2       Law Compliance
It is the expressed requirement of this specification that the contractor in supplying product there under, shall be responsible to meet all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations either presently in effect or which become effective prior to the termination of the contractor’s obligation and be responsible to protect SMART against any legal or other actions.
  1. Contractor must be licensed to handle and haul the products identified in this Contract.
  2. Contractor vehicles must meet all state and federal regulations pertaining to products being hauled.
  3. Vehicle must be licensed to transport products identified herein;
  4. Vendors/transporters shall use only qualified, trained, and licensed personnel to transport products;
  5. Vendors/transporters shall check in with the appropriate Smart point of contact upon arrival at the site and prior to unloading of products;
  6. Vendors/transporters shall be held accountable to operate under current State and Federal regulations pertaining to the products under this contract.
  7. Contractor will be responsible for the clean-up and clean-up costs of all spillage while hauling SMART products.
1.4       Deliveries
Deliveries will be made within two (2) days from the date of order.  All deliveries shall be made between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. unless otherwise advised by SMART.  At a minimum, the successful contractor must have telephone service during normal working hours.  Answering service agencies or machines during normal business hours are not acceptable.
SMART requires the contractor to utilize vehicles with metering devices that measure the exact amount of fluids delivered to each site. All trucks delivering to SMART must have working metering devices, or the delivery will not be allowed. Each delivery is to be accompanied by a metered ticket metered at the point of delivery.  Printed tickets must indicate readings before and after loading into the storage tanks.  Each delivery ticket is to contain the following:
  1. Delivery location
  2. Product delivered
  3. Quantity delivered in U.S. gallons or pounds.
  4. Date and time of delivery
  5. Authorized signature accepting the delivery
  6. Loading and delivery tickets are to be left at delivery locations. 
The delivery person shall remain in constant sight of the entire delivery process for the entire time the delivery is being made.
The contractor shall use reasonable care to avoid damaging or contaminating existing buildings, fuel products/tanks, equipment, pavement, soil or vegetation or other Authority facilities and property. 
The contractor shall replace and/or repair the damage to the satisfaction of the Authority and at no cost to the Authority.
Should the contractor fail or refuse to make such repairs or replacements within a reasonable time as determined by SMART, the Authority may have said repairs/replacements accomplished for which the contractor shall be liable.
The contractor shall assure that all products delivered have current and proper labeling and that MSDS forms be kept current.
The contractor shall be responsible for complying with all federal, state and local laws while transporting and delivering any of the products.  The contractor shall take measures as required by law to prevent spills (including but not limited to, any spilling, leaking, pumping, emptying or dumping into or onto any land or water).  In the event the contractor spills a product, lubricant or fluid, the contractor shall be responsible for the contaminant, clean up and disposal of the spillage and any associated soil contamination.  The contractor shall also replace any contaminated soils removed.  Should the contractor fail or refuse to take the appropriate actions in a reasonable time as determined by SMART, the Authority may do so at the contractor’s expense.  The Authority will take appropriate action to recoup all expenses including fines levied by Federal, State or Local Governments.
If an independent trucking company is to be used, the designated company must be approved by SMART.  Prior written approval is required to change the independent trucking company, during the duration of the contract.  SMART reserves the right to require a change in trucking companies at any time.  Before delivery service of the cleaning products is initiated by the trucking company, a current certificate of insurance must be provided to and approved by SMART in accordance with the specifications.
1.5       Testing
SMART reserves the right to conduct tests on any or all soap products offered for consideration under this RFP. Testing is required for this RFP, will be for, general cleaning performance, the effect on the surfaces to be cleaned, the effect on service personnel and/or ph verification. Testing will be accomplished after the bid closing date. Please submit samples to SMART c/o Le Juan Burt, Oakland Terminal – 2021 Barrett, Troy, MI 48084
A test sample at the recommended dilution rate of each product must be provided to SMART of any product to be considered for contract.  These samples will be maintained by SMART for comparison with future deliveries.
If testing of a product is required, the Contractor offering the product needed for testing shall submit for testing, one (1) gallon sample of each product to be tested with the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The submittal will be in an unidentifiable container. No submittals will be accepted without an associated MSDS. Submittals shall include a sheet with what mix ratio the bidder feels is required for the best cleaning results. This information must be in addition to the standard information provided on product labels. Failure to provide the requested information or documentation may render the offer non-responsive.
SMART reserves the right to perform any tests it deems necessary, on any product submitted prior to contract award.
SMART intends to perform random sampling of products to determine compliance with the specifications, as well as, product purity. At any time a test sample may be requested from the supplier or manufacturer.  This sample is to be furnished and shipped at no cost to SMART.
These spot tests will be at SMART’s discretion and expense.  If a product does not comply with the minimum specifications or purity, SMART reserves the following rights and remedies depending on the severity of the nonconformance:
  1. At the minimum, the vendor will be required to pay for the next three (3) spot tests on the product.
  2. The vendor may be required to remove the product in question from all SMART tanks affected and clean the tanks at the vender’s expense.
  3. SMART may cancel the contract.
1.6       Contractor Requirements
For the duration of the contract, at no cost to SMART, the contractor shall:
  1. Visit each terminal once a month to inspect the equipment, verify proportioning valves are still in place and answer any questions.  More frequent visits may be required should problems develop as identified by SMART.
  2. Be responsible for cleaning, maintaining, and re-calibration of metering pumps and/or DEMA valves.
  3. Render expert technical advice in connection with the handling and use of the products supplied.
  4. Perform service calls within 24 hours from time of call from SMART.
  5. Furnish training in both product use and safety.
  6. Furnish quarterly reports to the Facilities Manager, unless requested more frequently, regarding delivery dates, product delivered, and quantity delivered to each terminal.
  7. The bidder is to provide a written confirmation of ability to obtain the proposed products specified in this bid from the manufacturer for the duration of the contract.  This confirmation letter MUST be submitted with your bid.  This requirement may be waived if the bidder is the manufacturer of the product/s quoted.
1.7       Manufacturer Requirements
The manufacturer shall provide proof of plant operations of an adequate capacity to meet the requirements of SMART’s operation, as well as, the ability to meet any emergency request within 24 hours at no additional cost to SMART.
Manufacturer must be able to render expert chemical advice in connection with the handling and use of the materials supplied within one day of request at no additional charge to SMART
1.8       Labeling
  1. All bulk storage tanks and drums shall be labeled in accordance with the regulations as established by MIOSHA. 
  2. The EPA label must be placed label mid-way on side of drum and be covered with a clear waterproof sealant.  Label must be replaced as needed for clarity
  3. The EPA labels must include a 24 hour poison emergency telephone number.
  4. Bulk Tank Labeling:  The contractor shall provide and affix pre-approved product labels to all cleaner bulk storage tanks and replace the labels as needed throughout the duration of the contract
  5. Drum Labeling:  Labels shall be affixed to the drum approximately midway on the side of the drum, plastic coated or sprayed with a clear sealant that will render the label waterproof.  Any drum delivered that is improperly identified will not be accepted and will be returned at the shipper's expense.
1.9       Drums
At any time it is deemed necessary to purchase a drum of a contracted cleaner, the cost per gallon is to be the same as the bulk price and shipped FOB Destination.  The drum must be the returnable type, returnable to the contractor at no cost to SMART.
1.10     Bulk Storage Tanks
  1. The successful contractor shall be responsible for purchasing, furnishing, proper installation, maintenance, cleaning and adjustments of all storage tanks, plumbing, connections, hoses, all valves including DEMA valves, as well as any other items deemed necessary to properly install and maintain service for the duration of the contract, at no cost to SMART. 
  2. The contractor shall be responsible for the removal of all furnished storage tanks at the termination of the contract and the areas involved returned to their original condition at a schedule which facilitates maintenance of the buses and is agreed to and approved by SMART.
  3. Exterior products will be a liquid concentrate and provided in bulk containers and be the "poly" type tanks; metallic tanks will not be accepted.
  4. Storage containers and installation locations will be approved by SMART.
  5. The successful contractor shall install a proportioner orifice (restrictor) inside of bulk storage tanks to help circumvent the removal of said orifice.
  6. Any product lost due to failure of any part, material, installation, or labor stated above will be replaced at no cost to SMART.
  7. Plumbing installation at each SMART terminal shall be designated and approved by the Facilities Manager.  All materials used and its installation must be SMART approved.  All Plumbing, including DEMA valves, is to be owned by and remain the property of SMART.
  8. The Facilities Manager must approve any changes in dilution ratios.  SMART reserves the right to change DEMA Valves and dilution rates, at any time, at no cost to SMART.
  9. In addition to plumbing requirements, the successful contractor shall be responsible for the removal of all currently in place storage tanks, unless waived by the current supplier, at no cost to SMART.
  10. All storage tanks are to be new or in new condition, certified to be capable of safely storing the type and quantity of the cleaners being used.  All tanks shall be fitted with a float gauge and/or sight glass to indicate the remaining gallons.  All tanks shall have the ability to be “manifolded” together and have lockable valves for hand dispensing.
  11. Number of tanks, size, shape, gallons, installation and placement at each location shall be designated and approved by the Facilities Manager.  SMART reserves the right to add, delete and change storage tank sizes and location at no cost to SMART.
  12. Any damaged tanks or hardware shall be replaced/repaired immediately at no cost to SMART.
  13. Any delivered material found not to conform in composition and/or performance based on approved samples, accepted specifications or found to exhibit any objectionable property not specifically allowed shall be subject to rejection at any time.
  1. Bidders must furnish with the bid the following data at no cost to SMART which shall become an integral part thereof for each product offered.
  2. Complete description, specifications and technical data sheets for each product proposed
  3. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  4. Complete OSHA Form 20
  5. Certification that all cleaners supplied meet all applicable safety standards of the EPA and both Federal and State of Michigan OSHA regulations
  6. Certification that all products supplies are in compliance with the physical and phosphate provisions of the State of Michigan.
  7. The products offered contain no ingredient or any combination of ingredients for which the kind and degree of toxicity and hazard has not been ascertained or approved.
  8. The products offered shall not exhibit objectionable odors, fumes or vapors irritating to nostril, skin or respiratory system and have no effects on the health or present any unusual hazard to personnel when used either concentrated or mixed for it’s intended purpose.
  9. The concentrated cleaner shall not harm the skin or eyes if flushed with water within a reasonable period after contact.
  10. All elements of the cleaner supplied shall be completely biodegradable.  Cleaners shall not contain heavy metals. The cleaners shall be disposable in the normal conventional municipal drain system.
  11. If at any time after the contract is awarded a product modification is requested by the contractor and approved by SMART, updated data must be submitted to both the operation and purchasing department prior to the delivery of the new product.
1.12     General Products Requirements
  1. No deleterious effects on any material the cleaner may come in contact with.
  2. Cleaners to work with and be compatible with the equipment currently in place at each division.
  3. Cleaners supplied will not block any valves.
  4. Cleaners to have a germicide and a pleasant very mild fragrance when wet or dry.
  5. Have no skin irritants at any diluted ratio or undiluted.
  6. All cleaners, diluted or not, must be buffered and inhibited to prevent attachment to glass, polycarbonates, acrylic windows, elastomers, or moldings.  (Buffered products suspend dirt, such that neither bristles nor dirt can scratch, remove scum and leave no residue.)
  7. No materials including cloth, plastics etc. will be deformed, discolored or damaged by any application.
  8. Completely solubility in water supplied by SMART
  9. Cleaners to have rapid emulsification, low foam and contain no phosphates.
  10. The surfactants, cleaning and solvent properties must operate within 30 seconds from time of application.
  11. Cleaners supplied must provide a bright clean finish but shall not remove any paint, produce clouding, anodizing film or other protective films when rinsed or not on SMART surfaces.
  12. Cleaners supplied shall effectively meet or exceed product requirements and performance of this proposal when diluted with any water, hot or cold, supplied by SMART and when used in the dilution ratio currently in place at all SMART locations.
  13. Does not contain any carcinogens.
Exterior Concentrated Liquid Cleaner:  To be used on a large variety of SMART rolling stock. Surface types to be cleaned are painted fiberglass, painted sheet metal, glass, and acrylics, as well as, pressure washing the engine compartment and other components. This product is also to be used for building maintenance of floors and walls.  Floors, walls and component cleaning may be done either manually or with high-pressure spray.
  1. Non-Hazardous to Workers.
  2. Clean the exterior of SMART fixed-route and community service coaches, trucks and automobiles.
  3. Exterior cleaning to include but not limited to, wheels, undercarriages, engine exteriors and engine compartments. 
  4. Effectively remove road film and grease from exteriors. 
  5. Must have superior brush lubricity for brushes made of nylon, Tampico, polyethylene, natural bristles, silicon or silicon type materials.
  6. Must not hold grease or grime to the bus washer brushes regardless of material.
  7. Contain no waxes
  8. Can be used on bus exterior surfaces, shop floors and walls and will not affect painted or unpainted buses, walls or acrylic surfaces.
  9. Wall and floor cleaning by either hand, pressure washer or automated machinery.
  10. A concentrated liquid alkaline detergent formulated to clean soils common to the exteriors of SMART buses.
  11. The cleaner will also be used as a general purpose shop maintenance cleaner for cleaning floors, painted walls equipment and tools
  12. Soap shall contain appropriate emulsifiers to properly cut grease on the vehicles and thereafter separate from water sufficiently for grease to be removed by oil skimmers.
  13. Soap shall be biodegradable.
  14. Soap must be low sudsing and must not leave a residue. Contractors must specifically identify and quantify in writing as part of their offer, all detergents, and additives, regulated and non regulated chemicals contained in each detergent offered.
  15. The current dilution ratios at the terminals are less then 1% by volume and all submitted cleaners will be tested at the set dilution ratios currently in place at each location.  If additional information is needed it is the bidders responsibility to check the Dema Valve settings.
  16. No change in dilution ratios can be made until a contract is in place. Dilution ratio and/or Dema Valve changes can’t be made at any terminal without the written approval of the Facilities Manager.
  17. All changes in dilution ratios and/or Dema valves will be at no cost to SMART, even if requested by SMART
  18. A large number of SMART coaches have plastic widows and light lenses.  All products offered must be laboratory tested and certified that the products offered for testing and ultimately accepted meet the recommended tolerance levels for Truck Lite, DiaLight and DuPont for these plasticsInterior Cleaner: To be used on coach interiors to clean walls, floors and assorted ancillary items. Materials to be cleaned include rubber, plastic, fiberglass, chrome, cloth seats, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum or melamine-type materials. This product will also be used for janitorial duties such as mopping tiled areas and office area walls.
  1. Cleaner is to be effective for the hand washing of coach interiors and all the materials associated. Formulated to clean soils common to the interior of SMART coaches.
  2. Cleaner must be effective for mopping coach, garage and tiled floors.
  3. Cleaner must be effective in removing dirt and grease.
  4. A concentrated liquid alkaline detergent formulated to clean soils common to the interiors of SMART buses.
  5. Shall have no streak drying or wax build up on any surfaces cleaned.
  6. Product must be pumped into bulk storage tanks.
  7. Will have a mild citrus or otherwise pleasing aroma
  8. Complete solubility in water hot or cold supplied by SMART
  9. A liquid blend of mild detergents and penetrates providing acid neutralizing and mild foaming.
  10. Made of very mild and non-hazardous components.Floor stripping soap for Tennant 520D automated floor scrubber.  Floor surface is concrete with Polyaspartic Floor Coating system comprised of PCSI primer (or approved equal) and a PCS-400 series aliphatic topcoat.  Yellow line striping in the area is as per PCS-400 Specifications.  The soap will clean concrete floor in a mechanics area of each maintenance garage.  The concrete floor is covered daily with grease, oil, grime, dirt, motor oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid.  This combination of substances forms a slick layer that is not easily removed, although washed daily.  Each floor scrubber machine holds 100 gallons of solution.  The cleaning product offered must be compatible with floor surfaces and floor scrubber equipment.
  1. Product must be pumped into bulk storage tanks.
  2. Contractor to submit MSDS sheets for any product bid and include PH information.
  3. Product to be environmentally friendly, and must have a pleasant smell.
  4. Delivery to each SMART terminal must be included in price.
  5. Floor stripper product offered must be compatible with SMART floor scrubbers (Tennant Model 520D).
(The Proposer must complete this form for each product, and include in Section 5.)
Product Name: __________________________________________
Application: _______________________________________
  1. YES       NO        Cleaner may not cause harm to materials upon contact
  2. YES       NO        Cleaner must be Non-Hazardous to Workers
  3. YES       NO        Cleaners must be compatible with the equipment currently in place at                                 each division.
  4. YES       NO        Cleaners supplied must not cause valve blockage
  5. YES       NO        Cleaners must have a pleasant and mild fragrance when wet or dry.
  6. YES       NO        Cleaners will be evaluated for skin irritation rating in diluted and                                         concentrated forms
  7. YES       NO        Cleaners must be buffered to suspend dirt, such that neither bristles nor                             dirt can abrade
  8. YES       NO        Cleaners must remove scum and leave no residue on acrylic windows,                                polycarbonates, elastomers, glass, or metallic moldings
  9. YES       NO        Cleaners applied diluted or in concentrated form cannot deform, discolor,               or damage any material including cloth and plastics
  10. YES       NO        Cleaners must be completely soluble in water supplied by SMART
  11. YES       NO        Cleaner properties must include rapid emulsification, low foaming, and                               contain no phosphates.
  12. YES       NO        The surfactants, cleaning, and solvent properties must operate within 30                            seconds from time of application.
  13. YES       NO        Cleaners supplied must provide a bright clean finish
  14. YES       NO        Cleaners when applied shall not leave a cloud, anodizing film, or other                                protective film, and shall not remove paint if left standing on SMART                                   surfaces.
  15. YES       NO        Cleaner may not contain a carcinogen.
YES     NO      Cleaner effectively removes road film a

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