16/17-09 - Capital Improvement Planning Software

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Please note that solicitations issued prior to June 10, 2017 can be found here: http://legacy.mitn.info

Basic Information

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Issuing Organization

City of Romulus

Owner Organization

Technology Services Department

Solicitation Type

RFQ - Request for Quote (Formal)

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Capital Improvement Planning Software

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United States, Michigan, Wayne County

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06/17/2017 01:56 PM EDT

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

07/14/2017 02:30 PM EDT

Contact Information

Lynn A Conway




The City of Romulus, Technology Services Department is requesting formal quotes from qualified and experienced companies for the acquisition of capital improvement planning software.  Any software solution offered must provide a permanent software/database solution for the City’s annual Capital Improvement planning process and also facilitate the City’s implementation of and retention in the MDEC’s Redevelopment Ready program. 
IMPORTANT: The attached form should be completed and submitting along with quote.
Companies not include this information may be eliminated for consideration for the award of the RFQ.
Additionally, by submission of a quote, company warrants that they:

  • Have the required experience, are familiar with State of Michigan Chart of Accounts, reporting and auditing requirements.
  • Are a United States based company 
    Quotes shall include all related pricing, including but not limited to software, licensing, training, software support and user costs.  Pricing to additionally include annual renewal costs, any data pre-loading costs, additional training costs, build out of current Capital Improvement Plan, hereinafter referred to as the “CIP” document.   Additionally company shall provide the minimum system requirements of the software being offered.
    Important: All file/data up-load to build current document, must be performed/completed on-site.
    No additional expenses relevant to the work herein specified under the scope of work shall be billable to the City unless clearly listed on a separate schedule titled, “Attachment II – Additional Reimbursable Expenses.”
The City of Romulus is tax exempt.  Pricing quoted should not include any State of Michigan sales taxes.  Pricing to include all shipping and handling charges, items shall be delivered F.O.B. to the City of Romulus, 11111 Wayne Road, Romulus, Michigan.
DEMONSTRATION:  Company shall, upon request of the City, provide a demonstration of the software being bid.
Quantities, services, and prices listed in this request for quotes and in the Companies response to this RFQ may be subject to negotiation. Any agreements resulting from negotiation that differ from what is presented in this RFP or in the Respondent’s response shall be documented and included as a part of the final contract.    
Important:  Companies must provide pricing for each item/component/requirement separately.

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Buyer’s Requirements

General Requirements

- Insurance Required

- Training Required

- Installation Required

Award Requirements

- All or None Award

Bid Submission Process

Bid Submission Type

Electronic Bid Submission


In attached document


In attached document

Bid Documents List
Item Name Description Mandatory
Bid Documents Documents defining the proposal Yes
Additional Bidding Instructions

IMPORTANT: The attached form attached  should be completed and used for submitting quote.
Companies not include this information may be eliminated for consideration for the award of the RFQ.

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