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AHFD 1803 - Automatic Chest Compression Devices

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Basic Information

Reference Number


Issuing Organization

City of Auburn Hills

Owner Organization

Auburn Hills Fire Dept.

Solicitation Type

IFB - Invitation for Bid (Formal)

Solicitation Number

AHFD 1803


Automatic Chest Compression Devices

Source ID




United States, Michigan, Oakland County

Delivery Point

Auburn Hills Fire Department

Purchase Type

One Time Only- Delivery Date:10/25/2018

Piggyback Contract




09/07/2018 04:28 PM EDT

Question Acceptance Deadline

09/18/2018 11:00 AM EDT

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

09/18/2018 03:00 PM EDT

Contact Information

Stan Torres




City of Auburn Hills, Michigan
1827 North Squirrel Road Auburn Hills, Michigan  48326
“Automatic Chest Compression Devices”
The City of Auburn Hills, Michigan is accepting sealed bids for “Automatic Chest Compression Devices.”
Sealed proposals will be received until Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. local time in the office of the City Clerk, at which time they will be opened publicly and read aloud. The City of Auburn Hills Clerk is located at 1827 N. Squirrel Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326. 
The envelope of each proposal submitted shall be Sealed and Clearly Marked: Automatic Chest Compression Devices. Each proposal should include two (2) copies. No late proposals will be accepted and will be returned unopened.  Proposals shall not be withdrawn for a period of one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date and time of bid opening. 
It is the intent of the City of Auburn Hills to purchase four (4) Automatic Chest Compression Devices. The bid shall also include any shipping and handling costs.
The City of Auburn Hills has the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals, and to select the proposal considered most favorable to the City. 
Any questions regarding this request for proposal shall be directed to Firefighter Bryan Shambeck.  He can be reached at (248) 364-6756 or via email at: bshambeck@auburnhills.org. 
Upon approval of a successful bidder by the City of Auburn Hills, a purchase order will be issued from the City of Auburn Hills to the winning vendor.  Delivery of the Automatic Compression Devices to the City of Auburn Hills Fire Department is expected within 45 calendar days for inspection, rejection, or acceptance.  If accepted the invoice will be submitted for payment.  The Auburn Hills Fire Department is located at 1899 N. Squirrel Rd, Auburn Hills, Michigan, 48326.
In the event that the equipment is not delivered in its entirety within the forty five (45) day schedule, the City of Auburn Hills reserves the right to reduce the vendor’s payment by 1/10 of 1% per affected cost for each calendar day beyond the mandatory delivery date. 

Upon approval of successful bidders by the City of Auburn Hills, a purchase order will be issued from the City of Auburn Hills to the winning vendor and will be considered as a contract between all parties.  The successful vendor shall commit to perform the contract for the completed bid in accordance with the specifications agreed upon.
It is solely the responsibility of the bidder to assure the timely receipt of its proposal at the location indicated in this invitation to bid. Late proposals will not be accepted and will be returned unopened.
The City of Auburn Hills is a Michigan Municipal Corporation and, as such, it is exempt from Federal Excise Tax and Michigan Sales Tax.
The Proposer is responsible for all costs associated with the preparation and submission of this invitation to bid.
Proposer’s Representations:  Each Proposer, by submitting a proposal, represents that they have read and understood the bid proposal documents and has submitted their proposal in accordance, therewith, that the proposal has been submitted by a duly authorized owner, partner, or corporate officer, and that the proposal submitted has been prepared independently without collusion, agreement, understanding, or planned common course of action with any other supplier of the goods or services described in this invitation to bid, designed to limit independent offers or competition. 
This bid proposal request may be canceled by the City of Auburn Hills at any time for any reason.  Any proposal received may be rejected in whole, or in part, when in the best interest of the City of Auburn Hills.
The successful Proposer shall indemnify and hold harmless the City of Auburn Hills and its officers and employees from and against all claims, losses, damages, and expenses including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees arising out of or resulting from the performance of the contract.
Any contract resulting from this bid proposal shall be governed by the State of Michigan.  The vender shall give all notices and comply with all laws, ordinances, rules, regulations and lawful orders of any public authority bearing on the performance of the contract.
All bid prices shall be on an F.O.B. Destination, with all transportation charges of any nature to be paid by the bidder.  F.O.B. delivered means delivered to the receiving point:
City of Auburn Hills Fire Department
1899 North Squirrel Road
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326
The City of Auburn Hills seeks to derive the greatest benefit from the purchases that it makes in order to deliver the highest level of services in a most cost effective method to its residential and corporate citizens. In determining the lowest qualified bidder, the City will evaluate any additional value added items that a vendor may offer, either at low or no additional cost to the City.  Examples of these items include but are not limited to: 

  • training
  • extended warranty
  • early payment discounts
  • quantity discounts
  • holding the bid price for an extended period of time
Please be certain to clearly identify these items when submitting your quotes and/or bids to the City.  Value added items will not be accepted after the final date and time for the opening of quotes and/or bids has occurred.
Thank you.
As required for approval of the           __________________                        ______________,
________________________________________ herein after referred to as ________________________,
                                (Name of Company)                                                                                                       (Abbreviated Name Form)
agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of Auburn Hills, its officers, agents and
employees from any liability, damages, expenses, attorney’s fees, causes of action, suits, claims or
judgments arising from injury to persons, including death or injury to property which arises out of the
act, omission and/or negligence of ________________________ its agents, or employees in connection
                                                                                  (Abbreviated Name Form)                                                
with or arising out of the _______________________ provided that nothing herein shall require
____________________________ to indemnify the City against and/or hold the City harmless
                 (Abbreviated Name Form)
from claims, demands, or suits based solely upon the negligent conduct of the City, its agents, officers,
and employees.
In the case of the aforementioned actions, omissions, and/or negligence by ___________________,
(Abbreviated Name Form)
__________________________shall appear and defend, and (retain attorneys) pay all charges of                                                                (Abbreviated Name Form)
attorneys and shall be responsible for all expenses arising from or incurred in connection therewith, and
if any judgment shall be rendered against the City, its officers, agents or employees, or against
_______________________,  the  ______________________________________shall at its own expense satisfy
(Abbreviated Name Form)                                               (Abbreviated Name Form)
and discharge same.
In addition, ________________________________ agrees to furnish a certificate of insurance showing
                                              (Abbreviated Name Form)
proof of insurance as required by the City of Auburn Hills.
Name of Organization                                                               Witnesses
__________________________________                    ____________________________________
By  _______________________________                ___________________________________
Dated  _________________________________

1.         Liability Insurance
An ACORD certificate of insurance, or its equivalent, shall be furnished to the City of Auburn Hills at 1827 North Squirrel Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 evidencing insurance in force for the duration of and applicable to this contract with an insurance company acceptable to the City of Auburn Hills with a minimum A.M. BEST rating of “A-”, and the following minimum requirements:
a.         General Liability (affording coverage not less than ISO Commercial General Liability           coverage form):
            I.          Check mark indicating occurrence as opposed to claims made form
            II.         Limits of Liability: 
                        $1,000,000 each occurrence
                        $2,000,000 general and products-completed operations aggregates
            III.       Personal Injury
                        $1,000,000 aggregate
b.         Automobile Liability:
            I.          Check mark indicating coverage as to any automobile
            II.         Certificate must reflect Michigan “No Fault” PIP and PPI statutory coverages are                               also afforded
            III.       Limits of Liability:  $1,000,000 combined single limit
c.         Acceptable alternate limits are combinations of primary and excess or umbrella limits to       equal    not less than those shown in (a) and (b) above.
d.        Description section of ACORD form is to read: It is understood and agreed that the   following shall be additional insured:  The City of Auburn Hills, including all elected and appointed officials, all employees and volunteers, all boards, commissions, and/or authorities, including but not limited to the Tax Increment Finance Authority, Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and the Building Authority, and their employees, representatives and volunteers.  The coverage shall be primary to the additional insured and not contributing with any other insurance or similar protection available to the additional insured. This shall not apply to the contractor’s required worker’s compensation/employer’s liability
e.        The Description of Operation section of the Certificate shall also name or describe the project
            and/or event for which coverage is provided.
2.         Workers Compensation
The Contractor shall procure and maintain during the life of the contract, statutory Michigan Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance for all employees employed at or in the vicinity of the Contractor’s property, or any property used in connection with the Contractor’s operation or in carrying out any work related to this contract.
            Michigan Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance shall be procured and
            maintained with the following limits of liability:
  • $100,000 E.L. each accident
  • $100,000 E.L. each disease – each employee
  • $500,000 E.L. Disease – Policy Limit 
    This insurance shall comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the State of Michigan, and shall be in an insurance company acceptable to the City of Auburn Hills.
    3.         Certificate of Insurance
                The Contractor agrees that he/she will file all required Certificates of Insurance satisfactory to the City of Auburn Hills with the City of Auburn Hills simultaneously with or prior to the execution of this contract indicating that the insurance required herein has been issued and is in full force and effect.
                Further, the Contractor will provide updated certificates annually prior to the policies            expiration dates, to indicate that the policies and conditions required hereunder are in full         force 
                and effect during the life of this contract.
    It is understood and agreed that thirty (30) days advance written notice of cancellation, non-renewal, reduction and/or material change in coverage shall be mailed to: 
    City Clerk’s Office
    City of Auburn Hills
    1827 North Squirrel Road
    Auburn Hills, MI  48326
    4.         Sub-Contractors Insurance Requirements
                If approval is granted by the City of Auburn Hills for Contractor to subcontract any or all of this contract to others, then prior to commencing the subcontract, the Contractor shall furnish certificates evidencing the same insurance for the City of Auburn Hills as required in Sections 1 through 4 of the requirements.
    5.         Requirement as Part of Contract     
                These insurance requirements shall be expressly contained in and/or incorporated by            reference into the contract executed between the contractor and the City.
    6.         Hold Harmless Agreement
    It is further required that all contractors providing services or performing duties for the City of Auburn Hills shall enter into a Hold Harmless Agreement with the City and all other entities as set forth in Section 1 (d), which agreement shall hold the City harmless from any and all claims incurred while the contractor is performing work, jobs, duties, etc. on the City’s behalf.
    Specifications for four (4) Automatic Chest Compression Devices
    City of Auburn Hills Bid Form
Bid responses must contain a list of all proposed equipment, which specifies each item, product manufacturer, individual model numbers, version numbers and associated cost for each component or item.  All equipment and component parts furnished shall be new, meet the minimum requirements stated herein, and must be in operable condition at the time of installation.
Please review the list of specifications below.  Exceptions are allowed, however, please list the necessary information about the equivalent in the space provided:

  1. The Device is intended to supply automatic chest compressions to adult patients suffering cardiac arrest in a pre-hospital situation.
(Yes / No / Exception)
  1.  The Device must comply with all national CPR standards, to include those promulgated by the American Heart Association:
  • Compression rate per minute
  • Ratio of compression to ventilation
  • The ability to pause compressions
(Yes / No / Exception)
  1. The Device shall include its own power source (battery).
  • The Device shall include all accessories necessary to enable the battery to be recharged.
  • The power source (battery) must be capable of operating the Device for at least thirty minutes.
  • One extra (spare) battery is required for each charger. 
  • The device must have batteries that can be changed rapidly in case of battery failure.
(Yes / No / Exception)
  1. Each device shall have a carrying case or bag.(Yes / No / Exception)
  1. The Device must be fully self-contained, and be able to fit within a vehicle compartment that is not larger than 27” x 14” x 12”. (Yes / No / Exception)
  1. The Device must have the ability to remain attached to the patient during defibrillation. (Yes / No / Exception)
  1. The Device shall be hands free.(Yes / No / Exception)
  2. The Device must have the ability to transmit event data wirelessly via either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.
(Yes / No / Exception)
  1. The Device shall be warranted against defects for a minimum of one year. (Yes / No / Exception)
  1. The provision of training to all current Fire personnel regarding the proper care and use of the Device is of vital importance. Recognizing that there are multiple training formats (in-person, web-based, train-the-trainer), the Vendor may propose their preferred method. Proposals should be based on 50 trainees. A minimum of three separate sessions should be planned, if on-site training is proposed. All training shall be conducted by qualified, professional trainers.
(Yes / No / Exception)

Please list information on exceptions taken below:

Proposal: Four (4) Automatic Chest Compression Devices
Vendor Company Name:_________________________________________________________
Company Address:______________________________________________________________
Contact Telephone Number:______________________________________________________
Representative Name:____________________________________________________________
Representative’s Telephone Number:_______________________________________________________________
Do you offer an annual maintenance service contract? 
If yes, provide cost, and detailed information: __________________________
If not, is there another agency that provides an annual maintenance service contract for this product? Please provide vendor information. ________________________________________
Note: Each bid package submitted should be for four (4) Automatic Chest Compression Device. Venders wishing to provide bids and pricing for different models, different component options or types of Automatic Chest Compression Devices should submit multiple bids.
Prices quoted shall remain firm for 120 days or bid award, whichever comes first, except the successful bidder(s) whose prices shall remain firm through equipment delivery and acceptance.
All prices quoted are to be in U. S. Currency.
WARRANTY:  As specified – See Specifications
The undersigned has carefully checked the bid figures and understands that he/she shall be responsible for any error or omission in this bid offer.
Automatic Chest Compression Devices Vender:___________________________________________________________
TELEPHONE # (_______) ____________________
FAX # (______) _____________________________
REPRESENTATIVE NAME_________________________________________________________
Signature of Authorized Company Representative:
I, ___________________________, certify that I have read the Instructions to Bidders and that the bid proposal documents contained herein were obtained directly from the MITN site or the City of Auburn Hills Fire Department.
Signature of Authorized Company Representative:
IMPORTANT:  All City of Auburn Hills purchases require a MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET, where applicable, in compliance with the MIOSHA “Right to Know” Law.  Please include a copy of any relevant MSDS at the time of quote submission.

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Buyer’s Requirements

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