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Solicitation Title Delivery Location Published Date Closing Date
SNAKE TRAY CABLE TRAY AND CONNECTORS Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/25/2018
Price Agreement for Automotive / Truck Filters Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/25/2018
Furniture for the new POPE FRANCIS PREPARATORY HIGH SCHOOL Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/12/2018
Furniture Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/12/2018
Furnish and Install a Septic system Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/08/2018
Youth and Adult Programing Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/08/2018
S. Russell St. Parking Deck Registration Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/08/2018
Terminal C Enhancement Projects Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/08/2018
Dry Cleaning Services Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/08/2018
Removal and replacement of granular activated carbon (GAC) filter at Ashland's Howe Street Water Treatment Plant. Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/08/2018
2018 Granular Activated Carbon Filter Replacement- Water Treatment Plant Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/08/2018
Plastering Services (Federal & State Properties) Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/07/2018
Burbank Elementary School Modular Building Utility Connection and Site Improvements Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/07/2018
SWEEPING OF STREETS Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/07/2018
HVAC & Related Mechanical & Plumbing Maintenance Services Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/06/2018
Lead Inspection/Risk Assessment Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/05/2018
Revaluation of Harwich Properties Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/05/2018
PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/02/2018
HAYES MEMORIAL DRIVE WATER MAIN REPLACEMENT Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/02/2018
Overhead Door Repairs and Servicing Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/01/2018
Oil Burner Service and Repairs Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/01/2018
Architectural/ engineering services for design and construction for the façade and roof restoration at the John H. Duval School Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/01/2018
OVERHEAD POLE-MOUNTED 15KV 600AMP THREE-PHASE RECLOSER Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/01/2018
Well Water GAC Filters Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/01/2018
REPAIR 8" WATER MAIN AT POND ST NORTH Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/31/2018
7908 Overhead Door Repairs, Door Repairs & Servicing at Various Locations Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/01/2018
GAC Filters Furnish & Install Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/01/2018
Accelerated Repair Projects at two elementary schools Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/16/2018
Accelerated Repair Projects for School Roofs at two elementary schools Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/16/2018
Boiler decentralization project Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/22/2018
Water Treatment Plant Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/28/2018
Western Massachusetts Hospital Sidewalk Replacement Project: 91 East Mountain Road, Westfield, MA 01085. Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/21/2018
RECONDITIONING OR REPLACEMENT OF PLATE PACK Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/24/2018
SEWAGE AND WATER TREATMENT PLANTS Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/28/2018
MBTA The Ride Access Center (TRAC) Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/23/2018
Door Replacement, Access Control, Surveillance and Miscellaneous Work, Scrivano 16-1, Mace 16-2 and Margolis 16-4 Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/22/2018
Section 89 Replacement Design and Engineering Services During Construction Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/23/2018
Access Control Upgrades Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/21/2018
Integrated Employment Services Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/23/2018
SECC- Roofing Flashing subbid Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/31/2018
Digital Energy Management Systems Services Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/09/2018
North Amherst Library Study Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/24/2018
Community Build Playground at Harmon Park Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/01/2018
Drinking Water Supply Well Rehab Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/15/2018
Putnam Gardens Community Building Improvements Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/15/2018
83-85 West Street, Newton, MA - Rehabilitation Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/08/2018
To Provide Translation and Interpretation Services Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/01/2018
Improvements of the Putnam Gardens Community Building Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/15/2018
Replacement of double hung windows and entry doors with abatement of asbestos tile Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/15/2018
AMBULANCE BILLING SERVICE Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/15/2018
Demolition of the existing surface parking lot and its’ associated site work, site utilities; installation of a third party engineered support of excavation system, excavation of the existing site; an Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/15/2018
Hardy School Addition Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/30/2018
Paines Hill Telemetry Building Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/08/2018
Price Agreement for Mack Truck Parts and Services Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/25/2018
Building Envelope Improvements Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/15/2018
Road construction Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/15/2018
Roadway Construction Items Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/15/2018
Women's Health Network: Special Populations Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/26/2018
Bridge Repair and Replacement Br. No’s S-11-5 & S-11-6 Bardwell Ferry Road over Dragon Brook Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/23/2018
TRD01 Tradesperson installation repairs maintenance services Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/28/2018
HIGHWAY-LIGHTING Massachusetts 01/19/2018 01/23/2018
Plastering Services Federal and State Massachusetts 01/19/2018 02/07/2018
Road Construction for Towns in Barnstable County Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/15/2018
New West Boylston Senior Center Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/14/2018
Granite Pier Proposed Pre-Manufactured Concrete Wall and Pre-Fabricated Aluminum Stair Access Project Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/14/2018
McCall Middle School Classroom Expansion Project Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/14/2018
FY 2019-FY 2023 Regular Education Transportation Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/12/2018
Framingham Fire Station #2 Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/09/2018
Owner Project Management Services to the University on an as needed basis Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/09/2018
Furnish and install a septic system at the manager’s house at Borden Brook Reservoir consisting of a septic tank, distribution box, and infiltration field Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Engineering design for comprehensive roadway improvements on Prospect Street & Soisalo Road, approx. 5,200 lf Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
METROPOLITAN OPERATIONS PAVING Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Barks and Recreation at Camp White Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Stair Tower Repairs Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Engineering Services Roadway Improvements Chester, MA Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
BARKS AND RECREATION AT CAMP WHITE Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Furnish and install a septic system Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Rogers Field Irrigation System Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
PARKING STRUCTURE Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Springvale Transfer Switches and 4M Generator Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Springvale Transfer Switches and 4M Generator DCAMM Electrical. Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Summer, Winter Street and Wilder Streets Infrastructure Improvements Projuect Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Summer Street, Winter Street and Wilder Street Infrastructure Improvements Project Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/08/2018
Repairs/Maintenance at WTP Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Routine/emergency repairs and maintenance for the Water Treatment Plant and Low Lift Pump Station equipment Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Routine/emergency repairs of equipment at Water Treatment Plant Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Track Renovation Project at Westford Academy including fencing and walkways Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Westford PS 2018 Academy Track Renovation Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Siding Replacement Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Perform asphalt concrete excavation by cold planer on Town owned asphalt pavement Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Asphalt Concrete Excavation Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Community bathrooms remodel and Common Flooring replacement at the MAC Center Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/01/2018
Construct new site utilities, drainage, grading, new pavement and walks, a turf field and various other site improvements for the purpose of supporting a new modular classroom building be placed concu Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Mason Bricklayer to Construct a Concrete Split-face Brick Well House and Treatment Building Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
667-1 Unit 18, Pine Tree Park ADA Upgrades - REBID Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Rehabilitation of Taxiway A East Logan International Airport, East Boston, Massachusetts Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
Floor Covering Massachusetts 01/18/2018 02/07/2018
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