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Massachusetts Purchasing Group

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Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
Bridge Deck Replacement, Superstructure Repairs and Related Work (Including Painting) Br. No. B-28-9=C-05-13 (Steel) Massachusetts 06/23/2020 07/28/2020
Bridge Cleaning and Related Work at Various Locations Massachusetts 06/23/2020 07/28/2020
Sidewalk and ADA Improvements and Related Work (Including Flashing Beacons) along a Section of High Street (Route 60) Massachusetts 06/23/2020 07/28/2020
Perform professional services to assist the Planning Board in a comprehensive review and updating the Zoning By-Laws Massachusetts 06/23/2020 07/24/2020
Perform professional services to assist the Planning Board in a comprehensive review and updating the Zoning By-Laws Massachusetts 06/23/2020 07/24/2020
Procurement and installation of Precor Gym Equipment Massachusetts 06/23/2020 07/17/2020
Road Materials Bid: Line Painting with Paint and Thermo Plastic Massachusetts 06/23/2020 07/16/2020
BATTERY CHARGERS DITP Massachusetts 06/23/2020 07/16/2020
Chlorine Gas Massachusetts 06/23/2020 Not Stated
Sodium Hypochlorite Massachusetts 06/23/2020 Not Stated
CLEARING HOUSE SERVICES Massachusetts 06/22/2020 09/04/2020
PRF#69 Back Street Seawall Study & Needs Assessment Massachusetts 06/22/2020 07/24/2020
Fence Repairs & Installation/DPW&P Massachusetts 06/22/2020 07/22/2020
Automatic Passenger Counters system Massachusetts 06/19/2020 07/31/2020
Security Services Massachusetts 06/19/2020 07/16/2020
CTRSFR2021 -Commonwealth of Massachusetts Financial Reports and Single Audit Massachusetts 06/18/2020 09/04/2020
CWTP Sodium Hypochlorite System Modifications Massachusetts 06/18/2020 08/12/2020
Sale of 2008 Ford F-350 Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/29/2020
North Acton Fire Station #4 Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/29/2020
Construction of a 1-Story fire sub-station with a steel and wood structure and split faced masonry, face brick and cementitious panel siding Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/29/2020
RCAT Services Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/27/2020
667-7 Valley View Roof Replacement Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/21/2020
Replacement of the trash compactor and associated building modifications Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/16/2020
McPherson Park Trash Compactor Replacement Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/16/2020
RFP for Water Meters with Reading System Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/16/2020
Masonry Repointing and Lintel Repairs at MEM Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/16/2020
Clock Tower Renovation Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/16/2020
Sewerage Works Improvements in Dorchester Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/16/2020
SEWERAGE WORKS IMPROVEMENTS IN DORCHESTER Massachusetts 06/18/2020 07/16/2020
Painting Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Acoustical Tile Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Resilient Flooring Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Ceramic Tile Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Damp-proofing and Caulking Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Glass & Glazing Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Metal Windows Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Roofing and Flashing Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Miscellaneous and Ornamental Iron Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Waterproofing Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Painting Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Acoustical Tile Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Resilient Floors Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Waterproofing, Dampproofing and Caulking Massachusetts 06/18/2020 Not Stated
Legal services on an as needed basis Massachusetts 06/17/2020 08/03/2020
Replace shingles and gutters Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/21/2020
Bed Modular Housing Shower/Restroom Restoration Project Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/21/2020
Shared Streets Program - Grant Announcement Massachusetts 06/17/2020 09/27/2020
Master Service Agreement (MSA) for the purchase of equipment and supplies as well as the maintenance and repair of such equipment used for the safe operation of DCR-managed waterfronts, swimming pools, Massachusetts 06/17/2020 08/07/2020
Stormwater Improvements and Related Work along a Section of Interstate 290 Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/21/2020
Water Meters with Reading System Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/16/2020
Roadway Reclamation & Paving Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/16/2020
Bituminous Sidewalks Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/16/2020
Bi-Annual Material/Service Bids Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/16/2020
Bituminous Paving Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/16/2020
Pavement Milling & Asphalt Paving Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/16/2020
Bituminous Sidewalks Massachusetts 06/17/2020 07/16/2020
TASK ORDER CONTRACT FOR DEEP CLEANING Massachusetts 06/16/2020 07/21/2020
REPLACEMENT BATTERIES FOR DEER ISLAND Massachusetts 06/16/2020 07/21/2020
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Interoperable Radio System Modernization – System Architecture and Implementation Services (Part 1) Massachusetts 06/12/2020 07/23/2020
Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program Massachusetts 06/12/2020 09/15/2020
Telecommunications Upgrades to Existing Communications Facilities for the Boston Fire Department Massachusetts 06/12/2020 07/22/2020
Maintenance & Repairs of Energy Management Systems Massachusetts 06/12/2020 07/17/2020
Upgrades of the Existing Elevators at Margolis Apartments (16-4), 260 Clark Avenue, Chelsea, MA Massachusetts 06/12/2020 07/17/2020
Sutton Town Hall Cupola Repair Project Massachusetts 06/12/2020 07/16/2020
Sutton Town Hall Cupola repair project Massachusetts 06/12/2020 07/16/2020
comprehensive security services for the operation of its building at 1550 Main Street in Springfield Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Roof Replacement at JJ Meade, Martin Luther King, Codman, and Spring Street Development Massachusetts 06/11/2020 07/16/2020
Bituminous Sidewalks, Bituminous Paving, Pavement Milling & Asphalt Paving, Roadway Reclamation & Paving Massachusetts 06/11/2020 07/16/2020
Sidewalk repairs Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Stormwater BMP maintenance Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Sewer and drain line cleaning and inspection Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Pot hole patching Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Permanent trench paving Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Tree planting Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
REMOVE AND INSTALL SLIDING ROLLING DOORS Massachusetts 06/11/2020 07/21/2020
Steel Beam & Wood Post Guardrail Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Wood Beam & Post Guardrail Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Street Painting Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Terminal Section Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Rehabiliation of Existing Bituminous Concrete Sidewalk Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Winter Mix Picked up by City Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Hot Mix Laid in Place - Machine Work Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Adjustment of Manholes, Catch Basins and Water Gates Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Hot Mix Picked up by City Massachusetts 06/11/2020 Not Stated
Application of Reflectorized Pavement Markings at Various Locations Massachusetts 06/10/2020 07/21/2020
Operational Grants Massachusetts 06/10/2020 08/31/2020
Bridge Superstructure Replacement and Related Work Br. No. A-17-46 (Steel) I-90 Interchange 10 over Route 12 (Southbridge Street) Massachusetts 06/10/2020 07/21/2020
Books and Other Published Materials including online courses Massachusetts 06/10/2020 05/30/2030
Provide projects, programs or services that will address the outmigration of working age adults Massachusetts 06/10/2020 07/31/2020
Security Services at 1550 Main Street, Springfield, MA Massachusetts 06/10/2020 Not Stated
Request for Applications (RFA) for Blood Glucose Test Strips Massachusetts 06/10/2020 07/24/2020
2020 Alt. Fuel Vehicles Massachusetts 06/10/2020 07/22/2020
GBPC 2020 Electric and Hydrogen Public Service Vehicles, Light-Duty Trucks, Paratransit, and more. Massachusetts 06/10/2020 07/22/2020
Web Design, Development and Hosting Services Massachusetts 06/10/2020 07/21/2020
Precast Concrete Structures, Manhole and Catch Basin Adjusting Rings, Catch Basin, Double Catch Basins and Manhole Frames & Grates, Corrugated Polyethylene Tubing & Fittings Massachusetts 06/09/2020 Not Stated
Potassium Hydroxide(caustic Potash) Massachusetts 06/09/2020 Not Stated
Washed Dry Winter Road Sand, Crushed Stone, Stone Sand, Dense Graded and Loam Massachusetts 06/09/2020 Not Stated
Community and School Therapeutic Supports Creative Arts Program Request For Response Massachusetts 06/09/2020 07/17/2020
Rehabilitation Commission, Mass - Worcester Massachusetts 06/09/2020 07/16/2020
Paving Crew with Equipment and a price per gallon for tack coat in place to blacktop roads within the Town during the period of July1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 Massachusetts 06/04/2020 06/18/2021
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