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More than a bid distributor: How BidNet Direct can help streamline the entire procurement process

More than a bid distributor: How BidNet Direct can help streamline the entire procurement process

Procurement can be a lengthy and overwhelming process with many steps and rules, but each is important to guarantee the purchasing entity gets what they need at a fair price from a qualified vendor. To simplify this process, government entities work with BidNet Direct to publish and distribute bids in a way that allows qualified vendors to easily respond. BidNet Direct helps local governments improve their purchasing process with its sourcing solutions.

Advertising bids and increasing outreach was at the forefront of local government and a driver of online bid systems, including BidNet Direct. By listening to our participating government needs and utilizing evolving technology trends, we have added many new modules to our bid & vendor management tools available to purchasing professionals & end users.

You can streamline the entire procurement process from pre-qualifying vendors to managing the life cycle of contracts and vendor performance all with one central access point: BidNet Direct.

BidNet Direct’s New Modules

  1. Bid Evaluation: With our bid response evaluation manager, you can now bring your evaluation process online, saving your team time from chasing down evaluators and manually tallying scores. BidNet’s Bid Evaluation makes it simple to effectively manage the evaluation process with tools such as a drag-and-drop form editor, evaluation templates and questions bank.  An unlimited number of evaluators can score each response and the system tracks the performance and sends out automatic reminders of deadlines.
  2. Contract Management: Depending on your contract needs, BidNet offers three different levels to choose from: Lite, Team or Professional.  You can store and archive all contract documents, notifications, and work lists and have the ability to search contracts, redline, e-signatures, view and download reports, set up notification alerts, set up performance metrics, view audit history and much more.
  3. Vendor Performance Management: Monitor fulfillment versus contractual commitments and evaluate vendor performance with our Vendor Performance Management (VPM) module. Set up evaluation criteria, track deficiencies and infractions throughout a project, analyze performance during ongoing projects and assess and report vendor performance throughout the term of a contract. Utilize VPM to help identify and take action against vendor risk, quality and compliance issues.
  4. Vendor Pre-Qualification: Take your current pre-qualification program online. We will build a form for specific vendor qualification based on specific needs or criteria.
  5. Approval Workflow: Automated workflows add efficiency and increase visibility. Ensure transparency and approval from bid creation to award with BidNet’s Approval Workflow. You can assign approval paths as needed based on bid threshold, buyer and more. 

BidNet Direct is giving its local government partners more ways to simplify the entire purchasing process with its extensive new sourcing tools.


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