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Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
Lovers Lane Culinary Water Line Replacement Project Utah 06/28/2019 07/16/2019
Salt Lake County Tax System Modernization Utah 06/27/2019 09/10/2019
40th Street Detention Pond Project Utah 06/27/2019 07/18/2019
Bates Canyon Cambridge Road Improvements Utah 06/27/2019 07/22/2019
Salt Lake County - Utah and Salt Lake Canal Trail, Phase III Utah 06/27/2019 07/17/2019
Imperial Neighborhood Park Shade Structure Design Utah 06/27/2019 07/17/2019
East Village Pavement Utah 06/27/2019 07/15/2019
DFCM Construction-VBS Programming & A/E Services-SUU Academic Building Utah 06/27/2019 08/22/2019
Retirement Plan Consultant Utah 06/26/2019 07/23/2019
Network Rewiring of Albert R. Lyman Middle School Utah 06/26/2019 07/16/2019
2019 Sewer Pipe Liners Project Utah 06/26/2019 07/16/2019
2019 Salt Lake City Affordable Housing NOFA Utah 06/25/2019 08/16/2019
800 W Regional Trail Construction Utah 06/25/2019 07/26/2019
Tee & Direction Signs for the Mick Riley Golf Course Utah 06/25/2019 07/17/2019
Biosolids Land Application Operator Utah 06/24/2019 07/31/2019
Construction of the Sheep Creek Irrigation Company Antelope Lateral Screening Structure Utah 06/24/2019 08/01/2019
Utah Program Improvement Planning System (UPIPS) Website Maintenance and Enhancements Utah 06/24/2019 07/25/2019
Combination Sewer Cleaner Utah 06/24/2019 07/18/2019
Plan Review Services & Inspection Utah 06/24/2019 07/17/2019
Clothing Utah 06/24/2019 07/22/2019
Construction-Utah State Capitol Complex Utah 06/24/2019 08/01/2019
Swift Building Demolition – 390 W. Exchange Road, Ogden UT Utah 06/24/2019 07/31/2019
Hill Air Force Base Compatible Use Plan (CUP) Request for Proposals (RFP) Utah 06/21/2019 07/26/2019
Infrastructure Improvements for Wingate Village Subdivision Utah 06/20/2019 07/16/2019
Infrastructure Improvements for Wingate Village Utah 06/20/2019 07/16/2019
NEW OUTDOOR RECREATION FACILITY Utah 06/20/2019 08/06/2019
DFCM Construction-DOC USCF Commissioning Services Utah 06/20/2019 08/05/2019
Software and Implementation Services for and Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) Utah 06/19/2019 07/19/2019
Flexible Mastic Asphalt Crack Sealing Compound Utah 06/18/2019 07/18/2019
AmeriCorps Most Vulnerable Populations Utah 06/18/2019 07/18/2019
Salt Lake County-Oquirrh Regional Park Improvements Utah 06/17/2019 07/16/2019
Paint Booth General Contractor Utah 06/17/2019 07/26/2019
Paint Booth Supplier Utah 06/17/2019 07/26/2019
Courtesy Posting-UU Rice Eccles Stadium Expansion – Design Assist Utah 06/14/2019 07/18/2019
Big Cottonwood Park Field Support Replacement Utah 06/14/2019 07/18/2019
DFCM Construction-Design/Build Single Stage-USU East Parking Terrace-20011770 Utah 06/11/2019 07/30/2019
Human Capital Management System and Implementation Services Utah 06/11/2019 07/24/2019
Carpet, Upholstery, Hard Surface and Duct Cleaning Services Utah 06/11/2019 07/18/2019
Design & Engineering Services for Silverlake Woodhaven Park Utah 06/07/2019 07/16/2019
Peer Support Certification (DSAMH) Utah 06/05/2019 06/30/2024
DFCM Construction-DFCM Pre-Qualification Renewal Packet-General*Electrical*Paving*Mechanical*Roofing Utah 05/22/2019 11/15/2019
Facility Project Wide Lighting Controls System Components Utah 05/01/2019 Not Stated
Services for DHS Clients Including People with ID.RC and/or ABI Utah 04/30/2019 07/01/2024
Wide Lighting Controls System Components Utah 04/29/2019 Not Stated
Flocculation Mixers Utah 04/24/2019 Not Stated
I-80; Cable Barrier, Various Locations Utah 04/24/2019 Not Stated
Fiscal Management Services for People Receiving Self-Administered Services Utah 02/04/2019 06/30/2024
Community Brokering Services Utah 12/26/2018 12/20/2023
Arc Flash Analysis and Electrical Studies - DFCM Utah 10/12/2018 10/11/2023
Care and Supervision for Children in Foster Care with Parents Receiving Treatment Services Utah 09/28/2018 09/27/2023
Off-Site Infrastructure Improvements Utah 09/06/2018 01/31/2020
Clinical Evaluation and Treatment, Non-Clinical Support Services, and Forensic Evaluations Utah 05/08/2018 06/30/2023
Forensic Evaluations & Eligibility Determination Utah 01/17/2018 01/16/2023
Cancer Screenings Reimbursement Utah 11/01/2017 10/28/2022
Massage Therapy Services Utah 08/07/2017 06/30/2022
DSAMH Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review (PASRR) Utah 05/22/2017 06/30/2022
ABI Specialized Supports Utah 05/09/2017 06/29/2020
Support Coordination External SCE Utah 05/09/2017 06/30/2020
Behavior and Respite Services Utah 05/09/2017 07/28/2020
Fleet Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services Utah 05/09/2017 01/31/2020
(DSPD) Autism Waiver Services Utah 05/09/2017 12/01/2019
Autism Waiver Financial Management Services Utah 05/09/2017 11/30/2019
(DSPD) Eligibility Determination and Forensic Evaluation RFP Utah 05/09/2017 02/03/2020
(DSPD) PASRR Level II Evaluations Utah 05/09/2017 05/29/2020
Personal Emergency Response and Medication Dispensary Utah 05/09/2017 08/31/2019
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