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Statewide Bids:Additional solicitations from government agencies throughout the state(s)

Group Bids: Exclusive bids from agencies published directly in the Purchasing Group

Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
Aviation Consultant Contracts Texas 10/08/2019 11/12/2019
Internal Audit and Other Related Services Texas 10/07/2019 10/30/2019
Food and Beverage Concessions at the William P. Hobby Airport Texas 10/07/2019 12/12/2019
Security Camera Upgrades Texas 10/07/2019 11/15/2019
Municipal Court Case Management Software Texas 10/07/2019 11/12/2019
Texas & New Mexico Residential Demand Response Program Texas 10/07/2019 11/11/2019
Pest Control Management Services Texas 10/07/2019 11/05/2019
Employee Opinion Survey Texas 10/07/2019 11/04/2019
Employee Service Recognition and Rewards Program for the Harris County Hospital District Texas 10/07/2019 11/04/2019
Construction of the Helms Stormwater Detention Basins Texas 10/07/2019 11/04/2019
T147 McNeil to Gilleland Transmission Line Texas 10/07/2019 11/01/2019
Security Camera & IT Network for Police Building Texas 10/07/2019 11/01/2019
Cellular and Wireless Mobility Devices and Services Texas 10/07/2019 10/31/2019
Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) Consultant/Contractor at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) & William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) - HKE-PARCS-2020-003 Texas 10/07/2019 11/07/2019
IRRIGATION SUPPLIES AND SERVICES Texas 10/07/2019 10/31/2019
Hoses and Fittings Texas 10/07/2019 10/31/2019
Prof Arch and/or Eng and Project Manag Serv for Mech, Elect, and Plumb Repairs and Upgrades Texas 10/07/2019 10/28/2019
Hair Testing Supplies and Laboratory Confirmation Testing Services Texas 10/07/2019 10/28/2019
Construction Manager at Risk for the New Pinemont Multi-Purpose Facility Texas 10/07/2019 10/28/2019
Campus Paging and Bell System Refresh and Other Related Products and Services Texas 10/07/2019 10/25/2019
Auto, Heavy Duty Brake Lining and Blocks Replacement Parts for the Fleet Management Department Texas 10/07/2019 10/24/2019
Annual Contract for Automotive and Light Truck Repair and Service for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota Texas 10/07/2019 10/24/2019
Tree Removal In Creek Texas 10/07/2019 10/24/2019
PEST CONTROL SERVICES Texas 10/07/2019 10/24/2019
Softball Equipment and Supplies 2019-2020 Texas 10/07/2019 10/24/2019
Gas Chromatograph (GC) System Texas 10/07/2019 10/21/2019
Windows 10 Compatibility Upgrade for Bruker NMR Spectrometer Texas 10/07/2019 10/18/2019
Automotive Parts for Fire Department Texas 10/07/2019 10/21/2019
Generator and Oscilloscope Texas 10/07/2019 10/18/2019
Professional Engineering and Architectural Services for Tropical Storm Imelda Repairs for Ford Park Complex Texas 10/07/2019 10/23/2019
Professional Engineering and Architectural Services for Tropical Storm Imelda Repairs for Ben J. Rogers Visitors Center Texas 10/07/2019 10/23/2019
Advisor/Operator for Sports, Events Center and Related Park Amenities Texas 10/07/2019 10/14/2019
Exterior Recoating and Storage Enclosure Texas 10/07/2019 10/23/2019
HSA Laredo and HSA Brownsville Roof Refurbishment Texas 10/07/2019 10/22/2019
Minter Park Digital Water Curtain Texas 10/07/2019 10/22/2019
Web-based Instrucitonal Software Reading Comprehension Program Texas 10/07/2019 10/22/2019
Casework Additions - Cullins Lake Pointe Elementary School Texas 10/07/2019 10/22/2019
Modernization of the Garage Elevators, Renovation of Garage Lobby and Relocation of the Emergency Generator Texas 10/07/2019 11/04/2019
Mowing and Various Maintenance Services for the Northeast Region Texas 10/07/2019 11/04/2019
RELOCATION OF PORTABLE BUILDINGS Texas 10/07/2019 10/21/2019
Bulk Gasoline, Diesel Fuel and Related Items for Harris County Texas 10/07/2019 10/21/2019
Temporary Lodging to House Participants of the Buyout Program Texas 10/07/2019 10/21/2019
High-Resolution Street-Level Imagery Services with Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)Data Acquisition and Data Extraction Services Texas 10/07/2019 10/21/2019
Rental of Portable Toilets and Hand Wash Stations for Harris County and the Harris County Flood Control District Texas 10/07/2019 10/21/2019
Sediment Removal at the Addicks Reservoir Watershed Texas 10/07/2019 11/04/2019
Window Cleaning Services Texas 10/07/2019 10/21/2019
Construction of Bullet Resistant Barriers at the Visitor Command Center Stations Located at 701 and 711 North San Jacinto and 1200 Baker Street for Harris County Texas 10/07/2019 11/04/2019
Transportation Services Texas 10/07/2019 10/17/2019
Electronics and Appliances, Goods and Services Texas 10/07/2019 11/15/2019
Asbestos and other Hazardous Contaminant Abatement and Disposal Services (2 Part with JOC) Texas 10/07/2019 11/15/2019
Heavy Duty Equipment Texas 10/07/2019 11/15/2019
Term Contract for Fuses and Links Texas 10/07/2019 10/15/2019
Aviation Consultant Contracts Texas 10/04/2019 11/13/2019
Construction of airport improvements at Winkler County Airport Texas 10/04/2019 11/13/2019
Transport and Mortuary Services Texas 10/04/2019 11/06/2019
Professional Services To Develop a South Cooper Street Corridor Study Texas 10/04/2019 11/04/2019
RFCSP – Private Capital & Foreign Direct Investment Software Solution Texas 10/04/2019 11/04/2019
Fire Station No. 1 and Fire Prevention Building Re-build Texas 10/04/2019 10/31/2019
Solar Walkway Lighting Installed at Rafes Urban Astronomy Center Texas 10/04/2019 10/31/2019
Engineering Services: Inspection of Water Tanks, Steel Structures and Suspended Steel Utilities Texas 10/04/2019 10/31/2019
Water System Upgrades Texas 10/04/2019 10/31/2019
Retirement Plan Investment Advisory Services Texas 10/04/2019 10/31/2019
2020 Guardrail And Dead End Barricades Texas 10/04/2019 10/31/2019
Track Tamper and Stabilizer Vehicle Texas 10/04/2019 10/30/2019
MULTIPLE SEWERSHED PACKAGE 11A Texas 10/04/2019 10/30/2019
Tractor for Maintenance Dept Texas 10/04/2019 10/29/2019
Tractor, Massey Ferguson MF2607H Texas 10/04/2019 10/29/2019
Exterior Recoating and Storage Enclosure Texas 10/04/2019 10/23/2019
Ballasts, Lamps, including Lamp Disposal Texas 10/04/2019 10/23/2019
Stewart Creek Park Beach Relocation Texas 10/04/2019 10/25/2019
GENERATOR Texas 10/04/2019 10/23/2019
Real Estate Broker/Consulting Services Texas 10/04/2019 10/28/2019
Windshield & Back Glass Replacement Services Texas 10/04/2019 10/25/2019
BMW Motorcycles Texas 10/04/2019 10/24/2019
Media Monitoring and Outreach Texas 10/04/2019 10/24/2019
Heritage Park Renovations Texas 10/04/2019 10/24/2019
Printing and Mailing of the Heritage Magazine - FY20 Texas 10/04/2019 10/24/2019
Operational Support System Upgrade Texas 10/04/2019 10/23/2019
Annual Contract for Rental of Various Shoring Equipment Texas 10/04/2019 10/23/2019
Print & Sign Services, Supplies, Equipment, Repair Texas 10/04/2019 10/23/2019
Annual Contract for Chains, Slings, Tie Downs and Related Material Texas 10/04/2019 10/22/2019
Internet Content Filtering Texas 10/04/2019 10/22/2019
Tile for Common Area at DRHS Texas 10/04/2019 10/22/2019
Tile for Common Area at DRHS Texas 10/04/2019 10/22/2019
City Painting Services Texas 10/04/2019 10/22/2019
City of La Porte Fitness Center Roof Replacement Texas 10/04/2019 10/22/2019
Annual Contract for Aqueous Solution of Ferrous Sulfate Texas 10/04/2019 10/21/2019
Annual Contract for Safety Harnesses (Full Body) Texas 10/04/2019 10/21/2019
GASOLINE AND DIESEL FUEL Texas 10/04/2019 10/21/2019
MOTOR FUEL, OIL, AND LUBRICANTS Texas 10/04/2019 10/18/2019
Jess System Texas 10/04/2019 10/17/2019
Two (2) enclosed boat storage spaces of approximately 720 total square feet Texas 10/04/2019 10/17/2019
KinkiSharyo Auxiliary Contactor Texas 10/04/2019 10/17/2019
Addison Athletic Club Various Projects Texas 10/04/2019 10/24/2019
Student Transportation Services Texas 10/04/2019 10/24/2019
Early College High School Texas 10/04/2019 10/24/2019
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