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Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
SDSU Card Services Promotional Items South Dakota 04/17/2019 04/24/2019
Garbage and Recycling Services South Dakota 04/16/2019 05/07/2019
2019 Parking Lot Striping South Dakota 04/16/2019 04/25/2019
Hazardous fuels reduction treatment South Dakota 04/16/2019 05/10/2019
Evaluation of Northern Goshawk Nest Site Data and Population Status and Trends, or Viability, In the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming South Dakota 04/15/2019 05/14/2019
Vehicle Lease for NSU South Dakota 04/11/2019 04/30/2019
Barn Masonry Repairs South Dakota 04/11/2019 04/30/2019
Pavement Restoration South Dakota 04/10/2019 05/01/2019
Asphalt Roofing Project, Parks and Recreation Facilities South Dakota 04/10/2019 04/22/2019
Asphalt Concrete Repairs and AST South Dakota 04/08/2019 04/23/2019
Grading, Structure, AC Surfacing South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/02/2019
Microsoft Software Licenses South Dakota 04/08/2019 04/29/2019
Durable Pavement Marking South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Intersection Reconstruction South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Polymer Chip Seals & Appr Slabs South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Sidewalk South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Shared Use Path South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
MicroSurfacing South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Erosion Repair South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Sidewalk & Curb & Gutter South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Signing & Delineation South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Sanitary Sewer and Watermain South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Intersection Improvements South Dakota 04/08/2019 05/01/2019
Dust Mop, Wet Mop and Microfiber Services South Dakota 04/05/2019 04/30/2019
Jonas Hall Customized Tables South Dakota 04/04/2019 05/02/2019
Roadway Evaluation System South Dakota 04/04/2019 05/03/2019
Variable Frequency Drives South Dakota 04/04/2019 04/23/2019
Art Supplies 2019-20 South Dakota 04/04/2019 05/06/2019
Rehabilitation Consulting for Employers South Dakota 04/04/2019 06/03/2019
Gas Fired Water Heaters South Dakota 04/04/2019 04/26/2019
Mattresses for Higher Education South Dakota 04/03/2019 04/25/2019
Carbonless Forms South Dakota 04/03/2019 04/24/2019
Nursing Home Rate Methodology Consultant South Dakota 04/03/2019 05/17/2019
CSW Custodial Supplies South Dakota 04/01/2019 05/21/2019
CSW Audio Visual Supplies South Dakota 04/01/2019 05/21/2019
CSW General School Supplies South Dakota 04/01/2019 05/21/2019
CSW Health Supplies South Dakota 04/01/2019 05/21/2019
HELP DESK SERVICES South Dakota 03/29/2019 04/22/2019
Cancer Programs Communication and Media South Dakota 03/26/2019 05/03/2019
Family-First Initiative Comm Education Course South Dakota 03/26/2019 04/30/2019
Executive Secretary for the South Dakota Board of Examiners for Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists South Dakota 03/26/2019 04/24/2019
Title IX Electronic Training & Record Mgmt System South Dakota 03/26/2019 05/13/2019
SBIRT Process within Primary Care South Dakota 03/11/2019 04/30/2019
Courtesy Dock Ramp Construction South Dakota 09/13/2017 09/28/2107
Road Grade Reconstruction and Shoreline Stabilization South Dakota 03/21/2017 04/06/2107
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