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Tree Removal-Oconee State Park

South Carolina
Publication Date
12/05/2017 02:58 PM EST
Closing Date
12/20/2017 03:00 PM EST
Issuing Organization
State of South Carolina - Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to:The South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism (SCPRT) is seeking vendors capable of providing tree removal services at Oconee State Park campground. This includes removal of 89 trees, within a 3 acre area that were damaged by pine beetles and/or pose a risk to public safety. A map of the treatment area is included in this solicitation (PAGE 18). The Successful Bidder will remove marked trees in the campground while complying with the specifications and conditions outlined herein. The goal of this contract it to make the campground safe and enjoyable to park visitors. • Follow the vegetation management practices indicated below to ensure that vegetation management activities, except as prescribed below, do not increase the risk of harm to the park property through increased fire risk, potential for windfall trees, or other similar risks. No depositing, burning or burying any removed material shall be permitted except as prescribed below in this document. • Furnish all necessary management, supervision, inspection, personnel, materials, supplies, tools, equipment, transportation and vehicles required to complete all work prescribed in this document at Oconee State Park according to the terms of this contract. • Notify the park manager one week prior to arriving on site to begin any vegetation management activities. In case of weather or site conditions requiring delay, coordinate with the Park Manager to determine an appropriate date to begin contract activities. • Perform work during daylight and operating hours 7am-7pm. The main campground will be closed to the public for the duration of the work. • The park has painted trees with red spray paint requiring removal in the campground. The contractor will only remove trees that have been marked in the campground. • Trees will be cut as close to the ground as possible, with a stump height no greater than 6 inches. Stumps will be cut so that they have a flat surface and do not pose a threat to visitors and park staff. When removing trees the contractor should cut them in a way that does not cause damage to power lines, campsites, sewer and water hookups, buildings/structures, roads or other improved areas. • Stumps will not be removed as part of this contract. • All debris generated from will be removed from the park at the end of each day. Debris include branches, tree tops, entire trees, wood chips, etc. • Contractor may sell merchantable trees removed as part of the contract. Bid price must reflect the value of any merchantable trees removed. • Lump sum bid price must include all costs for labor, material, etc. necessary to complete the project. • The Contractor (and any applicable subcontractor(s)) shall not use SCPRT Property in any unlawful manner or in any manner that will constitute a nuisance and shall be solely responsible for obtaining any permits necessary for conducting the activities authorized by this Agreement. SCPRT reserves the right to use SCPRT Property, in whole or in part, for any purposes within the scope of SCPRT’s current or future business enterprises and in any other manner that is not inconsistent with the rights granted to SCPRT and its Contractor in this Agreement, and such concurrent uses shall not be deemed or construed as a violation of SCPRT’s obligations under this Agreement. • The Contractor and any of his/her subcontractor(s) shall ensure that vegetation management activities do not in any way impair the ability of SCPRT to access SCPRT’s Property. Further, the Contractor and its subcontractor(s) shall promptly repair any damage caused in the course of vegetation management activities to roads or bridges providing access to SCPRT’s Property. • Ensure that all persons operating any equipment, for the removal of trees at Oconee State Park, do so in a safe consistent manner. • Ensure that all employees or subcontractors wear and use appropriate protective/safety gear during all phases of work on the property as specified according to the ANSI Z133 safety standards. • At minimum, maintain an eyewash station and first aid kit on site when employees are working. • Ensure that the work area remains free of trash and food scraps by removing all trash/refuse from the contract area prior to leaving on a daily basis. • Ensure that no mechanized vehicles enter the forest. All vehicles must remain on roads, road shoulders, or in specified equipment areas. • Ensure that vehicles are parked in an approved staging area when not performing treatment work. • Ensure that no vehicles unless approved by SCPRT remain on-site overnight. • Have an affirmative duty to protect from injury and damage the land, property, and other interests of SCPRT. Damage includes, but is not limited to, all costs and damages associated with or resulting from the release or threatened release of a hazardous substance occurring during or as a result of the contractor's activities on, or related to, the lands, properties, and other interests covered by the contract. • Compensate in full the State of South Carolina/SCPRT for damages occurring under the terms of the contract or under any law or regulation applicable. The contractor shall be liable for all injury, loss, or damage, associated with the contractor’s use or occupancy. Compensation shall include, but is not limited to, the value of resources damaged or destroyed, the costs or restoration, cleanup, or other mitigation, or other types of abatement costs, and all administrative, legal (including attorney fees), and other costs in connection therewith. • Contractor shall comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations of all legally constituted authorities having jurisdiction over any part of this work. These requirements supplement the specifications and shall take precedence in case of conflict.

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