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Solicitation Title Delivery Location Published Date Closing Date
LaFortune Park Par 3 Golf Course Renovation Tulsa County, OK, USA
02/20/2018 03/29/2018
CW18070 Fire Suppression Oklahoma County, OK, USA
02/20/2018 03/28/2018
Restaurant, Kitchen & Concessionary Supplies Tulsa County, OK, USA
02/14/2018 03/02/2018
Ford Tractor Parts & Repairs Tulsa County, OK, USA
02/14/2018 03/02/2018
Tree Trimming and Removal Tulsa County, OK, USA
02/12/2018 03/02/2018
Calendar and Meeting Management Software Oklahoma County, OK, USA
02/12/2018 03/12/2018
Travel Management Services Oklahoma County, OK, USA
02/09/2018 03/05/2018
Ammunition, Gun & Range Supplies Oklahoma County, OK, USA
02/09/2018 03/14/2018
Paving Project for District 3 Oklahoma County, OK, USA
02/08/2018 03/05/2018
Print Cartridges Tulsa County, OK, USA
02/07/2018 02/23/2018
Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice Construction Tulsa County, OK, USA
02/05/2018 03/23/2018
Fence Replacement at South Lakes Golf Course Tulsa County, OK, USA
02/05/2018 03/02/2018
Radios, Base Stations, and Equipment Oklahoma County, OK, USA
02/01/2018 03/05/2018
Office Supplies Tulsa County, OK, USA
01/31/2018 02/23/2018
Comprehensive Inmate Healthcare Services for the Oklahoma County Detention Oklahoma County, OK, USA
01/26/2018 03/14/2018
Oklahoma County Zoning Regulation & Subdivision Regulation Update Oklahoma County, OK, USA
01/19/2018 03/21/2018
No entries
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