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Underground Storage Tank Removal Project

Publication Date
01/29/2018 07:10 AM EST
Closing Date
02/21/2018 01:30 PM EST
Issuing Organization
County of Montgomery
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to: Montgomery County is requesting bids from qualified contractors for the closure of three (3) 2,000 gallon underground storage tanks and associated appurtenances located at the ERWRF. A. Transfer Line Screening 1. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey of 10’ wide area centered on the 500-foot diesel transfer line for the purpose of identifying any utilities or anomalies to avoid during excavation 2. Coordinate the GPR survey with MCES. B. Fuel Island Removal 1. Dismantling, removal and offsite disposal of the entire fuel island shelter inclusive of all associated equipment, fixtures, conduits, wiring, dispensers, pipe bollards, and any other above and below grade associated items. Includes concrete and all other structural and nonstructural debris related to the UST System. C. Transfer Line/UST Systems Removal 1. Disconnect the existing transfer line from the 20,000-gallon UST manifold and permanently cap the outlet. Remove entire transfer line, chase pipe and all associated components of UST system including all equipment in manhole structure. D. Permits/Notifications 1. Obtain any and all required permits and inspections for removal of USTs and transfer piping. 2. OUPS notification and providing documentation to MCES of same E. Material/Debris/Soil Staging 1. No materials or equipment will be brought onsite without prior approval of MCES. 2. Staging of materials, equipment, soil or debris stockpiles, etc. will be only in pre-approved locations and for periods of time agreed to prior to staging. 3. Stockpiled excavated backfill shall be covered to prevent infiltration of rainwater and to minimize runoff. 4. All excavated soil and backfill materials are assumed petroleum contaminated soil (PCS) unless analytical data demonstrates concentrations are less than PCS re-use Action Levels. F. Excavation Dewatering & Sampling 1. Any water encountered in the excavation will be removed under this contract (not collected unless visual indicators of contamination are present). 2. If water recharges into the excavation within 24 hours of pumping, a groundwater sample must be collected. 3. Collect groundwater samples from any dispenser, piping trenches or tanks cavity areas containing groundwater. 4. If no water recharges into the excavation within 24 hours, only soil sampling is required. G. USTs & UST Systems Removal 1. Clean and remove the UST systems according to all of the applicable standards. 2. Once clean and empty, monitor UST systems to ensure that explosive vapors do not accumulate above a level that creates a hazardous or unsafe condition. 3. Ensure the USTs are free of residue and liquid and are rendered unusable, and are free of explosive vapors before the USTs leave the site. No UST may be reused for any purpose unless prior written approval is obtained from the State Fire Marshal. 4. Remove all backfill from the tank cavity excavation, piping trenches and dispensing unit areas. 5. Remove no more than one foot of native soil from the sidewalls, bottom of the tank cavity excavation, piping trenches, and dispensing unit areas. Further removal of soil from the tank cavity, piping trenches, and dispensing unit areas for the purposes of corrective action shall not be conducted without prior approval of the State Fire Marshal. 2. Provide sketch of plan for screening/sampling/analyses to MCES for approval prior to beginning of excavation. Soil type is assumed Class 1. I. Restoration 1. The Contractor shall restore and/or replace paving, curbing, sidewalks, gutters, shrubbery, fences, sod, or other disturbed surfaces and structures to a condition equal to that before the work began and to the satisfaction of the Owner and shall furnish all labor and materials incidental thereto. 2. All restoration shall be in accordance with the attached details including compaction. 3. Excavated material that is not suitable or needed for backfill shall be removed from the site and disposed of in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. J. Work by Others 1. Owner will perform the following work: a. Remove fuel from the tanks leaving only that which cannot be dispensed. b. Shut off power to the fuel island. c. Remove accumulated groundwater from transfer line manhole. d. Operate all utility water system valves. e. Operate all existing process piping valves and gates. f. Operate all existing potable water valves.

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