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Hydroelectric Turbines Refurbishment for GCWW

Publication Date
12/01/2017 06:06 AM EST
Closing Date
01/04/2018 12:00 PM EST
Issuing Organization
City of Cincinnati
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to:Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) requires the refurbishment of two (2) hydroelectric turbines. Turbine Specifications: Qty. 2 (both turbines require the same scope of work) Manufacturer: The James Leffel Co. Model: 27” F Vertical Francis Turbine Pressure Flume Year: 1936 Rated Power: 265 HP @ 31 ft.-head, 98 CFS Speed: 327 RPM Efficiency: 91% @ BEP Scope of Work • Wicket Gate and Sluice Gate Operators o Completely restore gates and operators to original specifications, including levers, yokes, pins, shafts, shaft seals, and bearings on the generator floor and similar components inside the flume. o Upgrade all junctions for non-lube operations, with Teflon or bronze bushings and shafts/pins to stainless steel. • Turbine Shaft and Bearing o Provide a new turbine shaft and a new quarter block bearing compatible with the existing equipment. The new bearing shall be the same style as the existing bearing and shall have stainless steel adjusting bolts. o Upgrade the shaft with a stainless-steel lining in the bearing area and where it passes through the case cover under the generator. o Bore the case cover to the new shaft dimension and provide a new gland and packing. • Gate Case o Provide two new complete gate cases compatible with the existing equipment and consisting of the following components:  Crown plate – material: Cast Ductile Iron  Bottom plate - material: Cast Ductile Iron  Gate ring - material: Cast Ductile Iron  Wicket gates – 12 pcs. Material: Navy Bronze  Stay vanes – 12 pcs. Material: Cast Iron  Gate links – 12 pcs. Material: Bronze Bushed Cast Iron  Bolt set – 12 each; gate bolt, gate pin, gate ring, pins and gate bolt bushing all in stainless-steel • Runner o Provide new runners upgraded to the double bucket style and fabricated from stainless steel. The new runners shall be accurately ground, tested, machined, and balanced. The double bucket design shall fit into the existing single bucket gate case and provide enhanced performance and durability over the original design. • Sluice Gate o Provide a new pivoting sluice gate in the draft tube and a new bushing for it to rotate on. • Curb Ring and Discharge Cylinder o Provide new curb ring and discharge cylinder in ductile iron. • Removal and Installation o Removal of the turbine will be provided by the Vendor’s staff alongside of the GCWW crane operator. All tools, rigging, and equipment to remove the unit, other than the crane, will be supplied by the Vendor. o GCWW will provide a fork truck and operator for loading/unloading onto the Vendor’s delivery vehicle. • Final Testing o The Vendor shall work with the GCWW staff to operate the new turbine and verify it has been restored to the original specifications. If the equipment is not functional or does not meet the original design parameters, the Vendor shall make the required adjustments to meet these parameters, if it is equipment within their scope of services. Each generator shall produce at least 150KW of power at 31 ft.-head and 50MGD during final testing

https://vss.cincinnati-oh.gov/webapp/VSSPROD/AltSelfService (opens in a new window)

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