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Comprehensive Optometry Services

Publication Date
11/27/2017 03:28 PM EST
Closing Date
12/22/2017 02:00 PM EST
Issuing Organization
State of Ohio - Department of Administrative Services
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to: The Offeror shall provide comprehensive optometry services for the designated correctional institutions. The Offeror must provide the specified services listed below in the Contractor Requirements and include any ancillary services as part of the Offeror’s total price for providing a comprehensive inmate optometry care program. A. General Requirements 1. Through the use of one or more Ohio licensed optometrist(s), the Offeror will provide comprehensive optometry services to the inmate population of the designated institutions. One or more Ohio licensed optometrist(s) will be utilized at a designated institution. If more than one then one will be designated as the Responsible Clinical Contact over the Offeror’s services. 2. All of the Contractor’s employees and/or subcontractors agree to provide Optometry services in compliance with all federal, state and local laws; state and federal licensure, certification or registration requirements; DRC security protocol; appropriate standards of medical care and ACA standards and generally accepted community standards. 3. The Offeror will oversee all aspects of inmate direct clinical optometric care which ensures that such care is appropriate and medically necessary. Optometry services must be provided by Ohio licensed optometrist(s) within the scope of practice as allowed by federal, state, and local laws. Il. CONTRACTOR REQUIREMENTS. A. Based on institutional need, but not less than once every thirty (30) days, the Offeror must provide regularly scheduled, on-site clinical optometry services at the institutions. Optometry services will also be scheduled within hours that support staff and inmates are available as dictated by count, meal and movement schedules of inmates. B. If the waiting period for an inmate to meet with an optometrist exceeds thirty (30) days for non-emergent care, and/or the total number of inmates waiting for non- urgent care exceeds 20 patients, then the Offeror will provide additional services, within 7 business days, of being notified by the institution(s) of the backlog and/or excessive waiting time. In the event the contract is awarded to an Offeror who is not currently providing optometry services at the designated institution(s), an initial sixty (60) day grace period will be granted regarding the backlog/waiting requirements at the start of the contract term to allow the Contractor to determine the actual service needs of the institution(s) / facilities. C. The Offeror will provide on-site optometry services to the fullest extent as allowed by both the law and the facilities and equipment to include, but not be limited to: patient evaluation, consultation, treatment, glaucoma checks, eye exams, diabetic eye exams and care, vision screenings, prescription of corrective lenses as required, patient education, any other examinations and treatments that are medically necessary, and minor surgical procedures as allowed by the optometrist’s licensure. Extensive, complicated surgical procedures and referral for specialty ophthalmology consults may be referred out as allowed by Agency policies and protocols. D. The Offeror will provide and direct on-going optometry services in the case of any inmate with documented serious chronic disease processes only as medically necessary and indicated. The Offeror will not otherwise provide continued examinations or treatments of patients without a referral from the institutional physician or an ophthalmologist. E. The Offeror will ensure that all patient assessments, consultations, treatments, doctor’s orders, and other services are legibly documented in each patient’s chart at the time the services are provided, including date, signature and credentials of the physician. F. The Offeror will provide services in cooperation with other Agency staff and medical contractors. G. All medications will be prescribed by the Offeror in compliance with Agency Drug The Offeror demonstrates a plan to prescribe all medications in compliance with Agency protocols for medication distribution. H. The Offeror understands that DRC or DYS do not provide an employee health services program. The Offeror shall not provide optometry services within the institutions to any staff, visitors, other medical contractors, or volunteers. I. The Offeror will provide a telephone number and/or email address for contacting the Responsible Clinical Contact to consult regarding patient care during normal business hours.

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