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County of Rockland

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County of Rockland Bid Opportunities

County of Rockland’s Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register or login to see details of all open opportunities.

In the spirit of continuous improvement County of Rockland utilizes the Empire State Purchasing Group and welcomes your participation and cooperation.

Please note that solicitations issued prior to October 29, 2016 can be found here: http://legacy.empirestatebidsystem.com

Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
RFB-RC-2019-005 Underwater Remotely Operated vehicle & Assoc, VideoRay Pro4+ Base as Spec. or AE New York 01/18/2019 02/14/2019
RFB-RC-2019-012 Insecticides for Mosquito Control New York 01/18/2019 02/27/2019
RFB-RC-2019-013 Pumps - Replacement Parts for Flowserve Worthington Pumps New York 01/18/2019 02/27/2019
SSN-RC-2019-019 Supported Employment Program - Bulk Ordering Program - $116,000 New York 01/16/2019 01/31/2019
SSN-RC-2019-022 Human Services Information and Referral and Employment Services New York 01/15/2019 01/31/2019
SSN-RC-2019-021 Keep Rockland Beautiful New York 01/15/2019 01/30/2019
SSN-RC-2019-020 Bulk Ordering Program Employment Opportunity New York 01/15/2019 01/30/2019
RFB-RC-2019-011 Firefighters Equipment & Protective Clothing % Discount Off Manufacturers List New York 01/10/2019 02/14/2019
SSN-RC-2019-015 Social Skills Program - Autism or Asperger's Syndrome - $42,750 New York 01/09/2019 01/24/2019
SSN-RC-2019-018 PROPOSED SOLE SOURCE AWARD TO VCS, INC. FOR COUNSEL AND FAM SERV - $162515 New York 01/09/2019 01/24/2019
SSN-RC-2019-017 Provide A Summer Camp Program for Children with or without Disabilities- $78,750 New York 01/09/2019 01/23/2019
SSN-RC-2019-016 Mentoring Programs and Court Ordered Supervised Visitation Program New York 01/09/2019 01/23/2019
RFP-RC-2019-004 Drop Shipped Home Delivered Refrigerated Meals New York 01/09/2019 02/14/2019
RFB-RC-2019-009 Polymer for Centrifuges New York 01/08/2019 03/06/2019
RFB-RC-2019-008 Chemicals - Sodium Bisulfite 38% New York 01/07/2019 02/06/2019
RFP-RC-2019-002 Maintenance of Digital Tax Maps, As Specified New York 12/28/2018 02/05/2019
RFB-RC-2019-001 Lighting, Servicing of Indoor and Outdoor Lighting New York 12/13/2018 01/22/2019
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