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City of Artesia Bid Opportunities

City of Artesia’s Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register or login to see details of all open opportunities.

In the spirit of continuous improvement City of Artesia utilizes the New Mexico Purchasing Group and welcomes your participation and cooperation.

Please note that solicitations issued prior to May 24, 2016 can be found here: http://legacy.newmexicobidsystem.com

Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Delivery Location Published Date Closing Date
RFP #COA-18-0005 On-Call Architectural & Engineering Services Eddy County, NM, USA
02/19/2018 03/19/2018
RFP_F-JJ-0000000002 COA #18-0004 - Roof Replacement/Repair Eddy County, NM, USA
01/22/2018 02/19/2018
RFP-COA-18-0003 On-Call Weed, Tree, Non-Structural Debris Removal, and Small Maintenance Eddy County, NM, USA
11/14/2017 12/05/2017
RFP-COA-18-0002 Engineering Services: Phase II - Infrastructure Recovery Program Eddy County, NM, USA
10/02/2017 11/13/2017
ITB-16-0010 Lift Station Services Program NM, USA
10/22/2015 12/01/2015
ITB-14-0006 6" Pump Trash Pump 6” NM, USA
12/12/2013 12/25/2013
ITB-IQC 14-0002 Street Maintenance On Call IQC 14-0002 Street Maintenance On Call NM, USA
06/13/2013 07/16/2013
ITB- IQC -13-0018 Aggregate IQC-13-0018 Aggregate NM, USA
06/05/2013 06/27/2013
ITB- IQC -13-0016 Sprinkler Parts IQC-13-0016 Sprinkler Parts NM, USA
05/24/2013 06/18/2013
RFP-13-0011 Cabling Low Wattage 13-0011 Cabling Low Wattage Materials/Services NM, USA
05/10/2013 05/30/2013
RFP-13-0015 Feasibility Study Rail Road Spur RFP 13-0015 Feasibility Study for Rail Road Spur NM, USA
05/10/2013 06/12/2013
RFP-13-0014 Architectural Services City Hall Annex RFP 13-0014 Architectural Services City Hall Annex NM, USA
05/10/2013 06/04/2013
ITB-13-0009 Sprinkler Parts & Services 13-0009 Sprinkler Parts & Services NM, USA
05/10/2013 05/14/2013
ITB-13-0013 Asbestos Survey & Abatement Services 13-0013 Asbestos Survey & Abatement Services NM, USA
05/10/2013 05/21/2013
ITB-13-0012 Demoliton Services 13-0012 Demolition Services NM, USA
05/10/2013 05/21/2013
ITB-13-0005 Fire Apparatus NM, USA
08/31/2012 09/26/2012
ITB-05-0027 Ambulance 2004 or newer NM, USA
03/15/2005 04/11/2005
ITB-COA.SCADA.PARKS.2005 SCADA System Improvements NM, USA
01/31/2005 02/28/2005
ITB-05-0008 Uniforms Uniforms City Wide NM, USA
10/05/2004 10/30/2004
RFP-04-0030 Health & Other Insurance Benefits NM, USA
04/27/2004 05/27/2004
ITB-04-0033 Skid Steer Loader NM, USA
04/27/2004 05/18/2004
ITB-04-0029 Uniforms NM, USA
04/16/2004 05/04/2004
ITB-04-0028 14 Passenger Vehicle NM, USA
04/12/2004 05/04/2004
ITB-04-0025 Scale Software NM, USA
04/12/2004 05/18/2004
RFP-04-0024 Automobile Rental Services NM, USA
04/07/2004 05/04/2004
ITB-04-0023 Hot & Cold Mix Asphalt Concrete NM, USA
03/10/2004 04/05/2004
ITB-04-0022 Refuse Hauling Walking Floor Trailer NM, USA
03/02/2004 04/05/2004
ITB-04-0018 Rescue Equipment & Supplies NM, USA
02/02/2004 03/01/2004
ITB-SB 04-0017 Video Conferencing System NM, USA
01/28/2004 02/25/2004
ITB-Fire Truck 04-0016 Fire Truck NM, USA
01/23/2004 02/27/2004
04/28/2003 05/12/2003
04/25/2003 05/14/2003
RFP -03-0018 A & E for Airport Projects NM, USA
03/31/2003 04/15/2003
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