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Annual Supply Metam Based Foaming Sewer Root Control

Publication Date
01/08/2019 09:41 AM EST
Closing Date
01/23/2019 01:00 PM EST
Issuing Organization
City of Lincoln/Lancaster County
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to: 200 5 Gallons Sanafoam Vaporooter II Metam Sodium/Foaming Agent Manufacturer: Douglas Product or Equivalent The product shall be composed of these components: 3.1.1 Metam Sodium: The Metam Sodium shall be packaged and labeled separate from other component ingredients and formulated as a water soluble liquid containing a minimum of 32.7% AI (active ingredient) by weight. 3.1.2 Dichlobenil: The dichlobenil shall be formulated as a minimum 50W wettable clay powder. 3.1.3 A 5 gallon unit of chemical root control product, must contain 30 ounces of 50W Dichlobenil-- 15 ounces active Dichlobenil herbicide, and 15 ounces of wettable clay. 3.2 Foaming Agent: The foaming agent, when mixed as a 1% aqueous solution and applied through standard foam application equipment, shall produce a small bubble, dense foam capable of sustaining its shape and remaining on treated roots for a period of one hour. PACKAGING 4.1 Containers must meet all DOT and OSHA requirements for the product supplied. 4.2 All pesticide containers shall be palletized and shrunk wrapped. 4.3 To ensure product stability, freshness and shelf life, all three product components must be packaged in separate containers. 4.3.1 In particular, the Metam Sodium must not be formulated or mixed with the foaming surfactant. 4.4 To minimize the potential for drift, the Dichlobenil powder will be packaged in a wide mouth jar for easy pouring. 4.4.1 Plastic bags that must be cut and shaken, to empty product are not acceptable

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