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Missouri government bids & RFPs

Missouri Purchasing Group

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Statewide Bids:Additional solicitations from government agencies throughout the state(s)

Group Bids: Exclusive bids from agencies published directly in the Purchasing Group

Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
Resurface from S Outer Road to State Maintenance Ends Missouri 01/20/2020 02/21/2020
Resurface and add shoulders from Commercial Ave. to Mill Hill Road Missouri 01/20/2020 02/21/2020
Resurface Missouri 01/20/2020 02/21/2020
Asphalt pavement repair from the Cass County line to Rte. 54 in Vernon County Missouri 01/20/2020 02/21/2020
Sound wall repair on Route 141 at Helfrich and Ladue Farms Missouri 01/20/2020 02/21/2020
Safety improvements at various ramp locations Missouri 01/20/2020 02/21/2020
Intersection improvements at Blinker Light Road near Harrisonville Missouri 01/20/2020 02/21/2020
Barney Allis Redevelopment Missouri 01/20/2020 02/20/2020
Asphalt pavement repair in Webster County Missouri 01/20/2020 02/21/2020
Bridge replacement Missouri 01/20/2020 02/21/2020
Athletic Training Services Missouri 01/20/2020 03/04/2020
44/2020 Nifong Boulevard Improvements Missouri 01/20/2020 02/25/2020
Food Service Missouri 01/20/2020 Not Stated
General Contractor to build a 2400 square foot building for its Police Department Missouri 01/20/2020 03/04/2020
Recorder of Deeds Land and Vitals Software Missouri 01/20/2020 02/26/2020
Replacement of Batteries at the Municipal Power Plant Missouri 01/17/2020 02/25/2020
RAPP Tennis Courts Resurfacing Project Missouri 01/17/2020 02/25/2020
Nifong Boulevard Improvements Project Missouri 01/17/2020 02/25/2020
Vinyl Products Missouri 01/17/2020 02/21/2020
Vehicle Wash Bay at Airfield Maintenance at St. Louis Lambert International Airport Missouri 01/16/2020 02/25/2020
Concrete and Brick Removal/Replacement and Complete Sidewalk Installation Missouri 01/16/2020 02/25/2020
Water Treatment Services Missouri 01/10/2020 02/28/2020
Coldwater Down Bypass Pumping Portal Missouri 01/08/2020 02/28/2020
Telephone System for VoIP Solution Missouri 01/07/2020 02/28/2020
Statewide Security Guard Services Missouri 01/07/2020 02/28/2020
On-Site Drug Testing Dip Stick Instruments - Colloidal Gold Missouri 01/06/2020 02/21/2020
Design, Construct, Permit and Operate a Transfer Station and Associated Programs at the Resource Recovery Park Missouri 01/06/2020 02/28/2020
High-Speed Broadband RFP Missouri 01/06/2020 04/03/2020
Water Meters - Multi Year Contract Missouri 12/18/2019 02/25/2020
WWTP Ammonia & High Flow Discharge Upgrades Missouri 12/16/2019 Not Stated
Aging and Adult Services Assessor (August 2019 version) Missouri 08/27/2019 06/30/2020
Special Food Buy Purchasing Program Missouri 07/22/2019 07/17/2020
West Middle Restroom Partitions Missouri 10/12/2017 11/07/2021
City of Kirkwood Grounds Maintenance Missouri 05/22/2017 05/24/2107
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