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Bottineau Corridor Marketing and Branding

Publication Date
01/02/2019 09:40 AM EST
Closing Date
01/18/2019 11:00 AM EST
Issuing Organization
County of Hennepin
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to: • Uncover an authentic corridor identity and begin to develop an effective brand to represent the corridor as a whole: The Bottineau Corridor currently lacks a cohesive identity that reflects its value to the region and to current corridor residents, businesses and institutions. There is a strong need to develop an overarching place brand for the corridor that represents its authentic identity and communicates its value to broad and diverse audiences. • Create strategies and tools to help partners market the corridor: Corridor cities and communities, along with agency partners, want to leverage LRT and other infrastructure investments in ways that maximize community benefits, including marketing the corridor to investors, developers, businesses and others. In order to do this successfully, partners want a cohesive brand strategy and marketing tools for the corridor. • Highlight potential and opportunity in the corridor: Cities and communities in the Bottineau Corridor are ready for growth and investment, and are already seeing promising signs of progress. Extensive planning and community-building by cities, communities, agencies and partners has laid the groundwork for future success and helped to create exciting potential and opportunity in the corridor. • Tell the story of the corridor: The Bottineau Corridor is a vibrant and livable place filled with diverse people, communities, businesses, and public and private resources. It has been called “the opportunity corridor” because of its richness of education and employment offerings, entrepreneurial spirit and potential for business development and economic growth. It contains major healthcare institutions, corporate campuses and abundant natural resources. However, there is a need to thread this richness in diversity and opportunity into a cohesive narrative. Telling the story of the corridor will help highlight the existing vibrancy and success of corridor communities, while serving to correct persistent misperceptions of parts of the corridor that may inhibit growth and investment. A successful marketing and branding effort is an opportunity to reintroduce the corridor to the metro area as a destination by revealing the true vitality of the communities that thrive here. • Build unity in the corridor: LRT will tie together a variety of distinct cities, communities, and geographic and cultural institutions. Planning for the LRT line has brought communities together in new ways, but there is still opportunity to foster cohesion and unity throughout the corridor. • Help articulate a long-term vision for the corridor: The Bottineau Corridor is likely to undergo significant transformation in the coming years. To help guide this transformation, a successful corridor brand and identity should help articulate and reflect the long-term vision for the corridor as identified by corridor stakeholders and leaders, and in line with community interests.

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