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Salt Shed Design/Build

Publication Date
01/09/2019 08:20 AM EST
Closing Date
01/31/2019 02:30 PM EST
Issuing Organization
County of Wicomico
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to: Building Style: a. Building shall be rectangular with walls designed to withstand the lateral load of internal material pile. The building shall have a gable roof and a door opening on one end. Nominal Building Dimensions: a. 40’ Length X 30’ Width X 24’ Vertical Height (eaves). Capacity a. The building shall hold 400 tons salt based on 12’ pile height at the wall and extending toward center of building at an angle not to exceed two (2) horizontal to one (1) vertical, for a maximum pile height of 15’. Area near entrance that is unsuitable for covered material storage due to natural angle of repose should be excluded from capacity calculations. Pile calculations should be based on material weight of 80 pcf for salt. Written calculations and pile diagrams must be provided. Design Requirements: a. The building shall be designed to meet the requirements of the purpose intended and the International Building Code. b. Walls of the building must be designed to withstand a lateral pressure from material stored to a maximum height of 12’ at the wall plus surcharge loads of sloped pile. Design to be based on material weights as specified in CAPACITY. The building must also be designed to withstand the wind conditions common to this area. Building roof shall be watertight. Entrances: a. One (1) (16’ width x 22’ height) Vehicular Entrance with timber sliding door system approved by the Owner shall be provided at one end of the building. This shall consist of two (2) 8’ wide doors on the exterior of one end of the building. They shall be attached to a heavy duty sliding track system that open and close manually with minimal effort. All door hardware shall be heavy duty and be resistant to corrosion. Foundation: a. Soil bearing pressure of 2500 psf shall be assumed for design. A Geotechnical Report will NOT be provided by the owner. b. Frost protection to a depth of 2’ shall be provided. Structural Frame: a. Shall consist of vertical rectangular wood posts set 4’ apart center to center or as needed to meet the required load. b. Post shall be long enough to provide internal clearance height specified in NOMINAL BUILDING DIMENSIONS. Posts may be rough lumber. i. OPTION 1 a. Vertical wall posts shall be founded and supported by a continuous cast-in-place concrete “T-Wall.” “T-Wall” shall consist of a reinforced concrete spread footing and vertical concrete column, as designed by the supplier’s engineer. Timber posts shall anchor into both the spread footing and vertical column. Only timber members shall be used in areas that come in contact with salt. Salt contact with concrete members will not be permitted. ii. OPTION 2 a. Vertical wall post sized and spaced as needed to withstand the lateral load of internal material pile at maximum height. Wall Post shall be placed in concrete footers as designed to meet the maximum required lateral load. One piece of ½” rebar shall extend thru the Wall Post and into the concrete footer. c. No bracing will be allowed on the interior that extends away from the wall and conflicts with the Owner’s equipment movements.

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