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HVAC Upgrades to the Administration's 211 E. Madison St BLDG in Baltimore City

Publication Date
11/09/2017 07:30 AM EST
Closing Date
01/11/2018 12:00 PM EST
Issuing Organization
State of Maryland - State Highway Administration
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to: A. Project Description: This project is comprised of providing comprehensive removal/demolition, renovation, replacement, commissioning, maintenance startup and warranty of the building HVAC system along with ancillary electrical, structural and architectural elements to support the HVAC system for the 211 E. Madison Street Building. The building will be occupied by the Maryland State Highway Administration (Administration) while the construction work is occurring. Phasing and temporary staff relocation of specific and limited areas of work shall occur to accomplish the work The work associated with this contract shall include, but not be limited to the following: 1. Project Management, Scheduling and Project Closeout: Coordination of all aspects of the construction process including but not limited to subcontractor coordination, Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, construction phasing, submittal and quality management, substantial completion, project closeout and compliance with applicable sections of the State Highway Administration “Standard Specifications for Construction and Materials”, May 2017. 2. HVAC System Removal: The HVAC system to be removed shall consist of but not necessarily be limited to room mounted and exterior roof mounted HVAC equipment. The removal of the equipment shall coincide with the phasing plan. For equipment removal which penetrates the building envelope (walls or roof), the contractor shall ensure that the penetration is both waterproof and secure from unauthorized access into the building at all times when unattended. 3. HVAC System Replacement: The HVAC system replacement shall consist of but not necessarily be limited to a combination of customized roof mounted air handling units (AHU), multiple outdoor/indoor variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems and a customized roof mounted dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with heat recovery. The replacement of the HVAC systems shall coincide with the phasing plan. For equipment replacement which penetrates the building envelope (walls or roof), the contractor shall ensure that the penetration is both waterproof and secure from unauthorized access into the building at all times when unattended. 4. Building Automation System: Provide a new Building Automation System with a combination of a peer-to-peer network configuration, the integration of select BACnet compliant interface devices for the VRF system and integration of the roof mounted AHU and DOAS equipment with RTU/DOAS factory mounted BAS controllers which shall reside and connect directly on the BAS network as a direct node on the peer-to-peer network. 5. HVAC System Testing and Balancing: Provide test and balance of the of the new HVAC systems along with specific elements of the electrical system and coordinate with the requirements of the commissioning activities required for Substantial Completion and system acceptance. 6. HVAC System Performance Verification and Commissioning: The General Contractor shall commission the HVAC system (along with required electrical systems). The Contractor shall provide an experience and qualified individual with past experience in HVAC construction and commissioning of occupied buildings. This individual shall be responsible for the performance verification and commissioning of the system in accordance with the requirements of this document. The Administrations Commissioning Authority shall verify that the performance testing and commissioning of the equipment is performing in accordance with the contract document requirements and manufacturers standards. Seasonal commissioning for a one-year period following the phased substantial completion activities shall be provided by the Contractor. 7. Interior Architectural Building Modifications: The modifications to the architectural systems shall include but not necessarily be limited to removal and replacement of ceilings to accommodate the HVAC removal and replacement, interior wall patch and repair at locations associated with the interior and wall modifications and extension within the training rooms to improve acoustical isolation between spaces. 8. Exterior Architectural Building Modifications The modifications to the exterior architectural systems shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the removal of exterior louvers associated with interior air conditioning units and replacement with EFIS infill panels, roofing modifications to address new roof mounted HVAC equipment and maintenance of the roofing manufacturers (GAF) No Dollar Limit (NDL) 30-year warranty. 9. Electrical System Modifications: Modify electrical system to support new HVAC equipment as well as ancillary items requiring electrical power. Due to the ceiling replacement, the existing to remain ceiling mounted lighting shall be tied off by the electrical contractor and replaced when the new ceiling is installed. 10. Structural Modifications: Modification of above roof structural steel to accommodate new HVAC equipment. 11. Temporary Off-Site Parking for SHA Staff: The Contractor shall be allowed to utilize a portion of the site for construction use. The allowable portion of the site is currently used for SHA Employee parking. The Contractor shall provide temporary off-site parking for the displaced parking spaces used by the SHA employees for the duration of the Contract. The temporary off-site parking shall be provided by the Contractor in the structured parking garage located at the southeast corner of N. Calvert Street and Monument Street for the full duration of the contract. 12. HVAC Equipment Maintenance: For equipment installed as part of this contract, the contractor shall be responsible for performing maintenance for a period of one year following the date of substantial completion. Maintenance shall include any activities recommended by the equipment manufacturers and identified within the contract documents for the duration of the 1 year maintenance period.

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