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WRAC Boat House Addition

Publication Date
02/08/2018 08:15 AM EST
Closing Date
03/08/2018 03:00 PM EST
Issuing Organization
Northwestern State University
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to: This Section covers all excavation, filling and backfilling as required for construction of building foundations and slabs on grade. The foundation design is based on The International Building Code Prescriptive Requirements. Drainage and Dewatering: A. Drainage: Surface water shall be directed away from excavation and construction sites so as to prevent erosion and undermining of foundations. Diversion ditches, dikes and grading shall be provided and maintained as necessary during construction. Excavated slopes and backfill surfaces shall be protected to prevent erosion and sloughing. Excavation shall be performed so that the site and the area immediately surrounding the site and affecting operations at the site shall be continually and effectively drained. B. Dewatering: Groundwater flowing toward or into excavations shall be controlled to prevent sloughing of excavation slopes and walls, boils, uplift and heave in the excavation and to eliminate interference with orderly progress of construction. French drains, pumps, ditches or trenches will not be permitted within three (3') feet of the foundation of any structure, except with specific written approval, and after specific contractual provisions for restoration of the foundation area have been made. Control measures shall be taken by the time the excavation reaches the water level in order to maintain the integrity of the in-site material. While the excavation is open, the water level shall be maintained continuously below the working level. 3.03 Excavated Materials: Excavated material meeting the requirements of paragraph 2.03, required for fill or backfill shall be placed in the proper section of the permanent work required under this section or shall be separately stockpiled if it cannot be readily placed. Excavated material in excess of that required for the permanent work and all “Unsatisfactory Material” shall be properly disposed of off-site. 3.04 Filling and Backfilling: “Fill Material” shall be used in bringing fills and backfills to the lines and grades indicated for buildings, and to a point at least five (5') feet beyond, and for replacing unsatisfactory materials. “Fill Material” shall be placed in horizontal layers not exceeding eight (8") inches in loose thickness, or six (6") inches when hand operated compactors are used. After placing, each layer shall be plowed, disked, or otherwise broken up, moistened or aerated as necessary, thoroughly mixed and compacted as specified. Each layer of fill and backfill shall be compacted to not less than 95% Standard Proctor density within one (1%) percent below to three(3%) percent above optimum moisture content in conformance with ASTM D698. Each lift shall be tested and inspected by the owners testing agency prior to subsequest lifts.

https://wwwcfprd.doa.louisiana.gov/osp/lapac/srchopen.cfm?deptno=all&catno=all&dateStart=&dateEnd=&compareDate=O&keywords=&keywordsCheck=all (opens in a new window)

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