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Publication Date
12/05/2018 02:02 PM EST
Closing Date
02/05/2019 03:30 PM EST
Issuing Organization
Commonwealth of Kentucky - Office of the Controller
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to: 3.3 Potholing The vendor is responsible for positively determining (by hand digging and/or hydro-excavation potholing) the exact locations and depths of all marked utilities suspected to be within 36 inches of the proposed excavation or directional drilling every 50 feet, to ensure the trenching or boring/drilling equipment does not damage the utilities. When potholing in road surfaces prior to boring operations, the initial hole shall not be larger than 12” x 12”. However, the hole may be increased in size as needed to determine the exact size and depth of the utility being located. 3.5 Cuts and Resurfacing Cuts shall typically extend at least 6 inches beyond either side of the trench to provide a stable base for the surface material, unless otherwise directed by vendor’s engineer or as reference in the final drawings or permit specifications. Roads, streets, parking lots, etc., shall only be closed for as long as is required to complete the work to place the duct (including tamping the backfill) and to allow the slurry, concrete, and/or asphalt to properly set in agreement with manufacturer’s specifications. Pull boxes and conduit body LB shall be sized per NEC 2011 Article 314.28 and the cable manufacturer’s required bending radius (whichever is the greatest). A basic premise for a pull box used for an angle turn is that the distance between raceway entries enclosing the same conductor (cable) shall not be less than six times the metric designator (trade size) of the larger raceway. Electrical metallic tubing (EMT) shall not be used on the exteriors of buildings. Conduit mounted on the exteriors of buildings shall be hidden from view in a manner approved and as indicated on the IFC drawings or as directed by the vendor’s construction representative. 4.2.3 Conduit Transition The transition coupling for HDPE-to-PVC and PVC-to-steel conduit for entrance conduits shall take place at the top of the trench, 6 inches below ground after sweeps or bends to the building in compliance with ASTM F 2160 – Standard Specification for Solid-Wall HDPE Conduit Based on Controlled Outside Diameter (OD), and ASTM F 2176 – Standard Specification for Mechanical Couplings Used on Polyethylene Conduit, Duct and Innerduct. 4.2.4 Demarcation Point For the purposes of this project, the demarcation point between the outside plant (OSP) work/functions and the inside plant (ISP) work/functions shall be the fiber distribution point (FDP). In other words, the OSP work shall include installing a cable into a building and terminating the fiber into the FDP to be installed by the vendor.

https://emars311.ky.gov/webapp/vssprdonline/AltSelfService (opens in a new window)

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