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Publication Date
06/13/2018 07:08 AM EDT
Closing Date
06/19/2018 03:00 PM EDT
Issuing Organization
Illinois State Police
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to: The Illinois State Police (ISP) is responsible for the certification of all evidentiary breath testing instruments used in Illinois. A standard must be used to ensure these instruments are working properly when checked for accuracy. Dry gas canisters serve as this evidential standard. These dry gas evidential standards must meet the following criteria to ensure the evidential breath testing instruments are working accurately. 1. The dry gas container must contain at least 105 Liters of Dry Gaseous Ethanol at 70 deg. F. 2. Dry Gas Container must be capable of connecting directly to Intoximeter’s EC/IR I and EC/IR II, CMI 8000, as well as regulators used with RBT-IV and AS VXL devices and preliminary breath testing instruments approved for use in Illinois. 3. Dry Gaseous Ethanol Standards must appear on the DOT, NHTSA conforming products list of calibrating units and have NIST NTRM ethanol standard traceability. 4. Dry Gaseous ethanol standards must consist of ethanol in a nitrogen mix. 5. Dry Gaseous ethanol standards mixture must be 223 ppm of ethanol in nitrogen and be labeled as “ethanol content equivalent to .082 (G/210L) +/- 2% BRAC at sea level (pressure of 760 MM of HG). 6. The dry gas canister must be labeled with an expiration date, lot number, and tank number. 7. An altitude conversion chart will be affixed to the container that displays the corrected value of the gas for comparison with the result of the instrument’s analysis during accuracy checks. 8. A certificate of analysis for each dry gas canister must be available in an electronic format from the vendor’s website. 9. The dry gas canister must be constructed of aluminum. 10. The dry gas canister must be capable of being re-filled with replacement dry gas and the prices submitted for the canisters should include the original cost of the canister and dry gas, along with the cost of replacement gas when using an aluminum dry gas canister.

https://www.bidbuy.illinois.gov/bso/external/bidDetail.sdo?bidId=19-493ISP-ADMIN-B-1638&parentUrl=activeBids (opens in a new window)

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