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Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
Formalin and associated products used in fish hatcheries Idaho 02/25/2020 03/12/2020
Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station Idaho 02/25/2020 03/11/2020
Reconyx HP2X Professional Covert IR Camera Idaho 02/25/2020 03/06/2020
For the work of CRABS, sign and culvert replacement on US-26 from MP 271.83 to MP 284.2 Idaho 02/25/2020 03/17/2020
CRABS, Sign and Culvert Replacement on US-26 from MP 271.83 to MP 284.2 Idaho 02/25/2020 03/17/2020
Lewiston Hill Port of Entry (POE) Tower - Nez Perce County Idaho 02/25/2020 03/17/2020
Lewiston Hill Port of Entry (POE) Tower - Nez Perce County Idaho 02/25/2020 03/17/2020
IMD Vehicle Leases 2020 Idaho 02/25/2020 03/17/2020
War Memorial Field Improvements Phase I Idaho 02/24/2020 03/10/2020
Pangborn Memorial Airport USFS Helicoptor Parking Pad Idaho 02/24/2020 03/09/2020
Acquisition, Storage, and Site-To-Site Distribution of USDA Commodity Products, Frozen/Refrigerated, and Dry Food Products (Prime Vendor) Idaho 02/24/2020 04/13/2020
MCOP Water Meter Purchase - ARI Idaho 02/24/2020 03/03/2020
Rental of Heavy Equipment Idaho 02/24/2020 03/13/2020
Lewiston Library Rooftop Event Space & Multi-Purpose Room - Lewiston Idaho 02/21/2020 03/05/2020
Wilson to Solomon Utility Corridor Project - ARI Idaho 02/21/2020 03/10/2020
Install Water Isolation Valves, Multiple Buildings, College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho Idaho 02/21/2020 03/10/2020
Vehicle & Equipment Diagnostic Solution and Accessories Idaho 02/21/2020 03/23/2020
MIT SCAN-T3 Idaho 02/20/2020 03/04/2020
Hamburg Wheel Tracker (SmarTracker) Idaho 02/20/2020 03/04/2020
Reconstructing SH-41 from MP 2.45 to MP 6.46 to include 4-lane divided rdwy, upgrade/install new signals, remove at grade RR crossings including a grade separation, intersection turn bays & illuminati Idaho 02/20/2020 03/03/2020
Global Navigation System and Digital Level Idaho 02/19/2020 03/02/2020
Lewiston Hill Port of Entry (POE) Tower, Public Safety Communications, Nez Perce County, Idaho Idaho 02/19/2020 03/17/2020
Construction of New Valley View Elementary Idaho 02/18/2020 03/03/2020
Annual Overhead Crane Inspections and On-Call Repair Maintenance Idaho 02/18/2020 03/02/2020
2nd Street Reconstruction Idaho 02/18/2020 03/02/2020
Request for Proposals - RPF - Erate Cat 1 IDYCA DIA Idaho 02/18/2020 02/27/2020
St. Josephs Church Community Hall - Spirit Lake Idaho 02/17/2020 03/12/2020
I-84, JEROME IC TO TWIN FALLS IC WBL Idaho 02/17/2020 03/10/2020
For the work of doing a mill & overlay on I-84 from MP 166.6 to 173.5, and widening the 173 IC WB on ramp. Jerome IC to Twin Falls IC WBL Idaho 02/17/2020 03/10/2020
Splash Pad Design Reinhart Park Idaho 02/14/2020 03/04/2020
Menard Law Building Repair and Renovation of East Entry Steps and Planters Idaho 02/14/2020 03/05/2020
Professional Services Roster Idaho 02/14/2020 03/12/2020
Light Fixtures, Upgrade to LED, Center for Higher Education Building Idaho 02/13/2020 02/28/2020
Kootenai County Fairgrounds RV Park Phase 3 - ARI Idaho 02/13/2020 02/25/2020
Janitorial & Laundry Services - Lewiston Idaho 02/12/2020 03/10/2020
Scale Deck Replacement Idaho 02/12/2020 03/05/2020
Light Construction Service Contract, Capitol Mall & State Facilities, Idaho Idaho 02/12/2020 03/05/2020
Menard Law Building Repair and Renovation of East Entry Steps and Planters, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho Idaho 02/12/2020 03/05/2020
Owyhee High School Re-Bids Idaho 02/11/2020 02/27/2020
New Classroom Building at Mary McPherson Elementary Idaho 02/11/2020 03/11/2020
Sign Work Idaho 02/11/2020 02/26/2020
New Kitchen/Cafeteria at Jefferson Elementary Idaho 02/11/2020 02/26/2020
Chiller Replacement, Math Building, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho Idaho 02/10/2020 02/27/2020
ITD - RAMSEY ROAD; CHILCO TO SCARCELLO, LAKES HIGHWAY DISTRICT - Kootenai County Idaho 02/10/2020 03/03/2020
ITD - SH-41, E PRAIRIE AVE TO BOEKEL RD - Kootenai County Idaho 02/10/2020 03/10/2020
This work will be performing a sealcoat on US-95 from Dakota Ave at MP 434.026 to the Kootenai/Bonner county line at MP 451.1 and SH-41 from MP 25.7 to Old Priest River Rd at MP 37.1. Idaho 02/10/2020 03/03/2020
Manufactured Housing Unit, Idaho State Police, Island Park, Idaho Idaho 02/10/2020 03/10/2020
Repair Parking Lot and Flagpole, Military, Rexburg Readiness Center, Rexburg, Idaho Idaho 02/10/2020 03/10/2020
Burley WWTP Chemical Building Idaho 02/10/2020 03/10/2020
US-95, SH-41 FY21 D1 SEALCOATS Idaho 02/07/2020 03/03/2020
SH 77, CASSIA CO SEAL COATS Idaho 02/07/2020 03/03/2020
For the work of placing a sealcoat on portions of SH-77 Idaho 02/07/2020 03/03/2020
Kootenai Humane Society - New Facility (Sub-Bids to Young Construction) - Hayden Idaho 02/07/2020 02/27/2020
IDFG Region 3 Janitorial Services Idaho 02/06/2020 03/03/2020
CHS Parking Lot Rehabilitation Idaho 02/06/2020 03/03/2020
BDA Requests for Proposals for Development of a 16 Acre Industrial Site Idaho 02/06/2020 03/03/2020
For the work of constructing a grade separated crossing over the existing railroad and roadway improvements to existing roads adjacent to the new grade separated crossing. Idaho 02/06/2020 03/03/2020
For the work of reconstructing SH-41 from MP 2.500 to MP 5.400 to include a 4-lane divided roadway, upgrading the signal at Hayden Ave, installing a new signal at Wyoming Ave, upgrading a RR crossing Idaho 02/06/2020 03/10/2020
Well 10 Development – Phase II Idaho 02/04/2020 03/03/2020
Contact Center Software Idaho 02/03/2020 02/27/2020
Replace roof, Nampa Juvenile Detention Center, Division of Juvenile Corrections, Nampa, Idaho Idaho 02/03/2020 02/25/2020
Point-of-Sale System Idaho 01/31/2020 02/27/2020
Marsh Master Amphibious Track Vehicle Idaho 01/30/2020 02/28/2020
Offender Undergarments for IDOC 2020 Idaho 01/30/2020 03/17/2020
Improving Critical Access Hospital Population Health Idaho 01/30/2020 03/10/2020
FY20 N BANNOCK CO PAVEMENT PRESERVATION Idaho 01/29/2020 03/03/2020
For the work of chip sealing and microsurfacing the state roads in Bannock County north of the McCammon IC. Idaho 01/30/2020 03/03/2020
Statewide Degree Audit and Analytics SolutionSystem Idaho 01/27/2020 03/11/2020
Interpretation and Translation Services Idaho 01/27/2020 03/09/2020
Information Security Services Idaho 01/24/2020 03/23/2020
Development and Implementation of Quality Review Tools and Processes Idaho 01/24/2020 03/02/2020
Region 7 Crisis Residential Placement Services Idaho 01/23/2020 03/05/2020
Person-Centered Thinking Training and People Planning Together Train-the-Trainer Services Idaho 01/21/2020 02/27/2020
Family and Youth Involvment and Support Idaho 01/10/2020 03/31/2020
2019 Fresh Produce ITB Idaho 12/31/2019 03/10/2020
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