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Page St Community Garden Reconstruction

Publication Date
11/17/2017 12:52 PM EST
Closing Date
12/12/2017 07:00 PM EST
Issuing Organization
City and County of San Francisco
Solicitation Number

Specifications include, but are not limited to:The City and County of San Francisco, Recreation and Park Department is accepting bids for the above referenced Contract Monitoring Division Micro-LBE Project at the entrance to Page Street Community Garden, San Francisco, CA. I. General Notes: A. Install minimum 6’ high construction fencing to close off pathway to pedestrians in the construction area before beginning work and remove only after all work is completed B. Ensure pedestrian safety along Page St and Lily St. Notify pedestrians of materials and equipment crossing the pedestrian path with A-frames with appropriate signage and/or traffic control personnel. C. Contractor’s storage area shall be located within the fenced Page St Community Garden work-site or in an alternate location as approved by Park staff. D. All quantities are estimates. It’s the bidder’s responsibility to field verify measurements and to acquire material quantities to meet the contract. E. Bidder shall accommodate up to two site visits by the community gardens group. A City Representative will notify the contractor 1 week in advance of the visit. II. Base Bid Item 1: Replacement of Raised Garden Beds: See Attachment 1 A. Barricade work area and block pathway around work area to prevent pedestrian access. Construction fencing to be a minimum of 6’ high. B. Remove and dispose of all existing vegetation on 120 LF x 28 LF lot (See Attachment 1, Figure 1) C. Cut down and dispose an existing diseased tree and Espalier Tree (See Attachment 1, Figure 1). Retain other existing trees. D. Seal existing soil with a semi-permeable barrier comprised of a layer of chicken wire with a layer of weed cloth above. (~120 LF x ~28 LF wide area) E. Build forty (44) new wooden garden planter boxes (See Attachment 1, Figure 2) 1. Fifteen (15) 4’ x 6’ 2. Sixteen (16) 4’ x 5.5’ 3. Two (2) 3.5’ x 5’ 4. Two (2) 3.75’ x 6’ 5. Two (2) 3’ x 5.5’ 6. Two (2) 4’ x 5.5’ 7. One (1) 5’ x 8.5’ 8. Up to (4) 4’ x 6’ location to be determined by City Representative 9. All wood shall be redwood 10. Infill 16" minimum depth layer of Essential Soil Landscape Mix produced by Lyngso Garden in new raised garden beds. a. ~126 cy of material based on the dimensions in item F. F. Import minimum 3” of new “clean” fill over all walkways (~64 cy of compacted material). Bidder shall determine uncompacted material quantity required to raise elevation 3”. 1. Fill shall conform to specifications listed in Attachment 2. G. Compact minimum subgrade to a minimum of 3” depth (item F) and install 3" minimum depth of decomposed granite (DG) on pathways (45’ x 4’) with redwood headers (Attachment 1, Figure 1 and Figure 3) H. Install minimum 3” of wood chip mulch on all non-DG paths. Elevation shall match redwood headers to eliminate tripping hazards. Wood chip mulch shall be intended for gardening use. I. Installation of additional box steps as needed at garden entrance to meet grade of garden (Attachment 1, Figure 4). It is expected that 1 to 2 steps will be needed to meet the final grade. III. Add Alternate Bid Item 2: Install Decomposed Granite Paths A. Delete Item G from the above Section II. B. Delete Item H from the above Section II. C. Compact minimum subgrade to a minimum of 3” depth (Section II, item F) and install 3" minimum depth of decomposed granite on pathways. Install redwood headers along limits of work. (Attachment 1, Figure 3) IV. Add Alternate Bid Item 3: Demolish and install new Fencing A. Demolish existing 28 LF of fencing along Lily St fence 1. Grout any voids in retaining wall 2. Install new 8' tall metal fence Omega Elite Double Wire System (http://www.omegafence.com/en/elite.php) or approved equal. 3. Fence shall be surface mounted to existing retaining wall per manufacturers recommendations. Materials shall match Omega Elite Double Wire System Material. V. Add Alternate Bid Item 4: Demolish and install new Meeting Area A. Demolish Existing Meeting Area B. Rebuild existing 8’-8” x 8’-8” seating area with brick paving on the ground plane C. Build new meeting area at existing elevations 1. Concrete retaining wall (Attachment 1, Figure 5) 2. Install brick or pavers per industry standard (Attachment 1, Figure 6 shows a sample installation). Contractor to provide sample pattern and material for approval D. Furnish and install three (3) 6’ long benches with back. Patterson-Williams Model 1400 or approved equal. Local Rep.: David O’Keefe Company (510-558-0140). Benches to be placed in a Ushape in the new meeting Area.

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