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Increase vendor outreach & solicitation advertising

We understand there is an increasing need for public agencies in North Carolina to expand vendor outreach with a collaborative vendor database. The North Carolina Purchasing Group provides an easier way to advertise your solicitations and improves vendor outreach.

Simplifying the Purchasing Process in Florida

The Florida Purchasing Group allows local government agencies to streamline the purchasing process using an e-procurement solution. This purchasing group provides many benefits to local purchasing departments, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Chaves County NM Streamlines the Procurement Process

Local purchasing departments in New Mexico are increasing their efficiency and improving vendor competition through cooperative purchasing. The New Mexico Purchasing Group brings local government agencies together in one location, allowing them to connect with thousands of vendors.

Simplifying the Purchasing Process in Texas

Local government agencies in Texas are seeking more efficient and cost-effective ways to handle purchasing. With the Texas Purchasing Group, local purchasing departments are able to enhance and improve the procurement process.

1-5 of 5 Resources

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