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Taking your purchasing process digital

Taking your purchasing process digital

In this series of articles, we will discuss taking your purchasing process to a full e-sourcing solution step-by-step. Below focuses on the initial step, an online platform for bid distribution.

Taking your local government agency’s purchasing process digital can be a daunting task. The trend is going digital, and it’s inevitable that it will have to be done, but there are so many steps to any given purchasing process that it can seem like switching to an online solution to fit them all is impossible. But you don’t have to make the digital leap all at once. Let’s take a look at the biggest component of finding an e-sourcing solution – going digital to distribute your solicitations.

Finding a solution that fits

When it comes time to upgrade your purchasing process, each agency has their own set of criteria that they are looking for. Frequent considerations include cost of the solution/maintenance fees, saving your purchasing professionals time, expanding your agency’s vendor outreach, or eliminating as much paper as possible. Whatever your goals are when searching for an e-sourcing solution, it’s important to find a platform that will meet your short term goals while also providing you with the ability to grow and achieve your long term procurement goals, even if they aren’t within reach just yet.

Step-by-step process

Finding an e-sourcing solution that covers every aspect of your purchasing process does not mean you have to begin to utilize each tool right out of the gate. Many local government organizations dip their toe in by initially only publishing one specific type of solicitation. In fact, it’s important for agencies to have a plan for taking their purchasing process digital in order to avoid any setbacks by tackling too much at once. For example, maybe your agency’s first step is to start by only publishing its formal solicitations.  This will allow your purchasing professionals to gain their bearings with the features and functionality of your new platform and familiarize themselves with their new way of doing things. Once comfortable with your new solution, the next step would likely be to start posting formal solicitations before eventually working your way up to posting all formal and informal solicitations, including any requests for qualifications. With a plan like this in place, it can break down the initially daunting task of taking on an e-procurement system into easy to manage steps.

How BidNet Direct can help

BidNet Direct’s Bid Distribution and Vendor Management can be a perfect place to start your digital purchasing processes. Our easy to use solution gives you access to a set of features and functions that will make you wonder how you’d ever accepted proposals and bids before it! With additional features available including electronic bid submission, online Q&A; and modules such as Contract Management, and Bid Evaluation; BidNet Direct’s platform is a great way to digitalize your purchasing processes one step at a time.

While finding an e-sourcing solution that fits your agency’s specific requirements is the first step to streamlining your purchasing process, it is by no means the last step. Stay tuned to see how BidNet Direct can help improve each aspect of your agency’s purchasing process.

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