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Bring your evaluation of responses online

Bring your evaluation of responses online


BidNet provides your team a quick, secure and easy way to evaluate responses online. With BidNet’s Bid Evaluation, evaluators can independently score vendor responses to create a seamless process for ranking proposals.

There is minimal training needed for the Bid Evaluation manager and no training needed for evaluators. The functionality of the evaluation process differs depending on the roles of each user, as explained in detail below.

Bid Evaluation Manager:

• Input & manage all the online evaluations, templates and questions
• Select & add an unlimited number of evaluators per evaluation
• Track evaluator progress in real-time & reports
• Send reminders, such as deadlines, to the evaluators
• Tally the final results


• Score proposals & bid responses
• Receive status & deadline reminder alerts
• Add comments or additional details

Setting up the Evaluation Process

To begin the evaluation process, an evaluation manager creates the evaluation criteria. You can create up to four criteria/steps per evaluation. For example, step 1 can be based on the written proposal while step 2 can be based on a product demonstration.

The evaluation manager assigns a passing grade for each step and enters in the evaluation questions or pulls questions from an existing template. Once the evaluation questions are complete, the process can begin by a pre-selected group of evaluators or an evaluation consensus.

Evaluation Process

Evaluators will get notified via email of the awaiting evaluation form and will also receive reminders based on due dates.

Each evaluator is guided through the evaluation form step-by-step to rate each question. Total scores for each section are calculated automatically, making it easy to move on to the next step! The system tracks total scores for each section, as well as a total for the entire steps (written response and demonstration in our example).

Individual evaluators track their own progress and upon login see the remaining evaluation steps and the vendor information.

Managing the Evaluation Process

Bid Evaluation managers can track all evaluators throughout the entire process; monitoring progress, sections completion and approaching deadlines. An automatic calculation of scores is shown as evaluations are submitted. You can easily view evaluation forms from any evaluators, ask for recommendations, send it back for reconsideration or adjust the final score.

Finalize the Tabulations

Once all evaluators have completed the online form, the evaluation is complete. The system automatically tabulates all response(s) based on the ranking criteria selected for this evaluation. Managers can adjust rankings and scores due to local vendor preference, past performance and other criteria.


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