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Hays County Joins the Texas Purchasing Group by BidNet Direct

Hays County Joins the Texas Purchasing Group by BidNet Direct

Hays County announced it has joined the Texas Purchasing Group and will be publishing and distributing upcoming bid opportunities on the system along with their current platform in these unprecedented times. BidNet’s Texas Purchasing Group connects nearly 50 participating agencies from across Texas. The Texas Purchasing Group provides a transparent bid process through which the bid is available to all vendors at the same time. Hays County invites all interested bidders to register today by visiting http://www.bidnetdirect.com/texas.

Hays County will utilize the system to streamline the purchasing process including bid management, bid distribution and vendor relations. The Texas Purchasing Group is a single, online location for managing sourcing information and activities and provides 43 Texas local government agencies the tools needed to have a transparent bid process while minimizing costs and saving time.

The Texas Purchasing Group expands an agency’s vendor pool and enhances vendor competition without increasing distribution costs. In addition to the existing vendors on the Texas Purchasing Group, all vendors looking to do business with Hays County can register online: http://www.bidnetdirect.com/texas.

Registered vendors can access open bids, related documents and files, additional addendum and award information from all participating agencies. In addition, the Texas Purchasing Group offers a value-added service to notify vendors of new bids targeted to their industry, all addenda and advance notification of expiring term contracts.

With one click, Hays County can now see how many vendors match a specific opportunity, how many have downloaded documents, responded and more. Hays County also has its own, branded page on the public side of the Texas Purchasing Group in which tax payers can view all closed bids and any awarded information.

“We now have information at our fingertips for each bid opportunity and award. The information is fully tracked and auditable. Vendors can access documents and addenda right online. And we can see that the vendor has indeed seen the addendum. It is exciting to build on to the transparent office we strive to be by becoming a part of the Texas Purchasing Group,” stated Stephanie Hunt, Purchasing Manager of Hays County.

Vendors may register on the Texas Purchasing Group: http://www.bidnetdirect.com/texas. BidNet’s vendor support team is available to answer any questions regarding the registration process or the bid system at 800-835-4603 option 2.

Other local Texas government agencies looking to switch from a manual bid process, please contact the Texas Purchasing Group for a demonstration of the no-cost sourcing solution.

About Hays County:

Hays County is a county on the Edwards Plateau in the U.S. state of Texas. Hays County is part of the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area. As of the 2010 census, its official population had reached 157,107.