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Arizona state & local government bids

Arizona Purchasing Group

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Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
Proposal for install the Aruba Clear Pass Policy Management Platform Arizona 01/24/2020 02/27/2020
Dudleyville Community Center Drainage Channel Arizona 01/24/2020 02/25/2020
Property Management Services for the Family Advocacy Center Arizona 01/24/2020 03/13/2020
Roofing Improvements at Camp Verde Elementary School and Multi-Use Complex Arizona 01/23/2020 02/25/2020
Terminal 4 Food and Beverage Airport Concession Arizona 01/23/2020 03/13/2020
Rental Car Center Food, Beverage, and Retail at Phoenix Sky Harbor Internation Airport Arizona 01/23/2020 03/13/2020
The Major Reconstruction of 7 housing units with related utilities Arizona 01/23/2020 03/10/2020
City of Chandler Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System Assessment Arizona 01/22/2020 02/25/2020
Athletic Training Services Arizona 01/21/2020 02/25/2020
ON-CALL ONSITE VETERINARY SERVICES Arizona 01/21/2020 02/25/2020
Employee Classification and Compensation Study Arizona 01/20/2020 02/28/2020
Tonalea Chapter Replacement Building Arizona 01/20/2020 03/11/2020
The Major Reconstruction of 7 housing units with related utilities Arizona 01/20/2020 03/03/2020
Paint and Painting Supply Materials Arizona 01/20/2020 02/26/2020
Pinal County Attorney Building Project Arizona 01/16/2020 03/18/2020
Professional Auditing Services Firm Arizona 01/16/2020 Not Stated
Legal Services Arizona 01/15/2020 02/25/2020
Background Investigation Services Arizona 01/15/2020 02/26/2020
WAN Navajo Nation Tribal Consortium New Mexico School Locations Arizona 01/15/2020 03/03/2020
RV Park at Old Home Manor Arizona 01/15/2020 02/27/2020
Deck Park Vista Redevelopment Arizona 01/10/2020 03/06/2020
Downtown Library Concession Services Arizona 01/06/2020 02/28/2020
Sun Tran South Drainage Improvement Project Arizona 12/31/2019 02/28/2020
Water Well Pipes Arizona 12/30/2019 Not Stated
Complete Windmills Arizona 12/30/2019 Not Stated
Fiberglass Sucker Rods Arizona 12/30/2019 Not Stated
Sleep Suites Arizona 12/20/2019 03/13/2020
Fire Alarm Monitoring System Arizona 12/19/2019 Not Stated
Lateral Conversion Phase III PVC Pipes Arizona 12/19/2019 Not Stated
Inductively Coupled Plasma Tandem Mass Spectrometer Arizona 12/13/2019 Not Stated
Gate & Fence Project Arizona 12/11/2019 Not Stated
HANDS Management, Operation and Maintenance Arizona 12/11/2019 03/05/2020
Fourteen (14) Type I Ambulances 2020 Ford F-350 XLT, Regular Cab, 4x4 Diesel Arizona 12/10/2019 Not Stated
Recreation Amenity on 5 Acres Regional Park Arizona 11/08/2019 04/28/2020
Airport Concessions Arizona 10/24/2019 03/13/2020
Photo Red Light and Photo Speed Enforcement Arizona 09/23/2019 04/17/2020
Aggregate, Slurry and Portland Cement - Continuously Open Arizona 09/13/2019 02/20/2024
Specialty Legal Services Arizona 09/09/2019 12/31/2020
Hotel Resort Retail Space on 10 Acres Regional Park Arizona 07/29/2019 04/28/2020
Court Interpreting and Translation Services Arizona 03/14/2019 06/30/2020
On-Call Forensic Nursing Services Arizona 11/30/2018 07/07/2023
Nursing Services Arizona 10/24/2018 12/01/2022
On-Call Meeting Facilitation and Strategic Consulting Support Services Arizona 12/08/2017 12/15/2107
Court Interpreting and Translation Services Arizona 07/13/2017 06/30/2020
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