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Bids published before September 6, 2016 may be found at the Legacy site.

Solicitation Title Published Date Closing Date
Semi-Annual Hanger Door Preventative Maintenance Inspections at Army Aviation Support Facility 03/24/2017 04/26/2017
Hanger Door Repair and maintenance at Army Aviation Support Facility 03/24/2017 04/26/2017
Housing Placement Assistance, SYF 16-17 03/24/2017 04/24/2017
Brownfields Transformation Project 03/24/2017 04/21/2017
Module Heating Control Valves 03/24/2017 04/17/2017
Development for WIOA services in South Central 03/24/2017 04/21/2017
Development for WIOA services in West and SWest 03/24/2017 04/21/2017
24-inch Water Transmission Line Design - Connection to NWCWD 03/24/2017 04/20/2017
Window Replacement and Masonry Repairs at the Wyoming State Forestry Building 03/24/2017 04/19/2017
Residence Hall Architectural Design 03/24/2017 04/18/2017
Pavement Condition Assessment 03/24/2017 04/14/2017
Front Range Regional Trail Construction 03/24/2017 04/13/2017
2017 Epoxy Striping 03/24/2017 04/13/2017
Sinks Canyon Headquarters Septic Line Repair Project 03/24/2017 04/12/2017
Pavement Maintenance Overlay Project at EKW 03/24/2017 04/11/2017
Misc. Small Painting Projects in Various State Owned Facilities in Cheyenne 03/24/2017 04/05/2017
Argo Tunnel Water Treatment Plant: Operations & Maint 03/24/2017 05/02/2017
Chip Seal Road Oil 03/24/2017 04/07/2017
McKinney Roughs Nature Park (Former Coyote Road Low Water Crossing) Re-stabilization 03/24/2017 04/10/2017
Kettles 03/24/2017 03/29/2017
Nursing and EMS Equipment to include Manikins 03/24/2017 04/07/2017
PRODUCE 03/24/2017 03/29/2017
Inventory Management Software System - Police Department 03/24/2017 04/07/2017
Public Safety Scheduling System 03/24/2017 04/07/2017
There are currently no open solicitations.
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