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City of Royal Oak

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City of Royal Oak

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RFP - Request for Proposal (Formal)

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Indigent Defense – Managed Assigned Counsel Coordinator - 2019

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United States, Michigan, Oakland County

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Royal Oak City Hall Room 301, 211 Williams Street, Royal Oak, 48067

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Duration: 9 MONTHS

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02/04/2019 01:11 PM EST

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02/18/2019 11:00 AM EST

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02/25/2019 10:00 AM EST

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Matt Lynch




The City of Royal Oak is accepting proposals for the role of the Indigent Defense – Managed Assigned Counsel Coordinator. The person in this role will be responsible for all administrative tasks associated with implementation of the City of Royal Oak’s Compliance Plan; including the recruitment, scheduling and assignment of attorneys to provide defense services to indigent clients.
In 2013, the State of Michigan adopted the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission Act (PA 93 of 2013). Among other things, the act established a commission (MIDC) to develop and adopt standards for the provision of defense services to indigent defendants. The funding units of the various district and circuit courts are charged with planning for and implementing the new standards. The City of Royal Oak is the funding unit for the 44th District Court.
In May 2017 the MIDC approved the first four standards related to the provision of indigent defense, Local funding units were provided six months to develop a plan for implementation of these standards (the City of Royal Oak’s Compliance Plan can be found as Appendix A). The first four standards approved by the MIDC were:

  • Education and Training of Defense Counsel
  • Initial Interview
  • Use of Investigation and Experts
  • Counsel at First Appearance and Other Critical Stages
To comply with the new standards, the city has proposed to utilize a managed assigned counsel service model. This model utilizes a lead attorney to coordinate the provision of services. This includes recruiting attorneys to provide defense to indigent defendants; ensuring the attorneys meet minimum qualifications; adhere to training requirements; creating a schedule of attorneys to provide coverage for in-custody, scheduled and walk in arraignments; assignment of cases after arraignment; and reporting to the funding unit the activities of the attorneys as well as all administrative tasks required to implement the city’s compliance plan.
Please carefully review this document. It provides information necessary to aid participating vendors in formulating a thorough response. A formal, comprehensive review period will be conducted to ensure that the City of Royal Oak selects the best possible vendor that will provide the best value and service.

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