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City of Livonia

Owner Organization

City of Livonia DPW - Parks Maintenance Section

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RFQ - Request for Quote (Formal)

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DPW704-Ball diamond chalk


Ball diamond Chalk / Dry material for lining ball diamonds

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United States, Michigan, Wayne County

Delivery Point

City of Livonia DPW

Purchase Type

One Time Only- Delivery Date:03/20/2019

Piggyback Contract




02/08/2019 01:46 PM EST

Question Acceptance Deadline

02/19/2019 02:00 PM EST

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

02/26/2019 02:00 PM EST

Contact Information

Doug Moore




Sparkle No. 6 (Hubercarb Q200) is a bright white, non-caustic dry line marking compound for athletic fields by Beacon Ballfields Div. of Rainbow Group, LLC. Physical Properties are: Bright White line, pH 9.4; average particle size (microns) 28; Dry Brightness 84; Compacted bulk density (11 lbs / ft3) 80; hardness, 3.5 Moh, non abrasive. Chemical Properties are: Calcium Carbonate, 96.5%; Magnesium Carbonate, 2.0%; Silica & Silicates, 1.2%; other 0.3%. 50 pound bags delivered, at least 48 bags to a pallet. Maximum need is 10 pallets (48+ bags / pallet for total of 480+ bags) delivered to Livonia, MI. 48150. Forklift available to unload truck. Material must comply with safe use requirements of Consumer Safety Act Public Law 92-573. Must also comply with the NCAA, and NFSHSA rules for athletic marking material.

Piqua Dry Material has been an approved equal in the past at 60 bags pallet. 10 pallets at 60 bags / pallet = 600 total bags

Brand Preference: Brand Name or Approved Equal
Manufacturer:        Beacon Athletics
Model Number:      Sparkle #6
Delivery: On, or after 3/20/2019

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