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Basic Information

Reference Number


Issuing Organization

Hernando County Board of County Commissioners

Solicitation Type

ITB - Invitation to Bid (Formal)

Solicitation Number

19-T00105/DK Removal of Used Oil & Misc. Petroleum Items


19-T00105/DK Removal of Used Oil and Miscellaneous Petroleum Items

Source ID




United States, Florida, Hernando County

Purchase Type

Duration: 1 year
Option: 2-1 year renewals

Piggyback Contract




03/06/2019 08:00 AM EST

Question Acceptance Deadline

03/15/2019 05:00 PM EDT

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

03/27/2019 03:00 PM EDT

Contact Information

Diane Kafrissen




The Vendor/Contractor will supply all materials, labor, and equipment in order to accomplish the removal of used oil and other related materials generated by Hernando County residents and Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQG). Used oil is accepted from residents and CESQGs who routinely change the oil in their automobiles, trucks, recreation vehicles, power mowers, and other motorized equipment. Such used oil and materials are considered a household waste. Used oil will not be accepted from commercial generators with a generator status of Small Quantity Generators (SQG) or higher. It may, however, be accepted from other Hernando County Departments. It is intended that the recycling of used oil and other related materials will promote the conservation of oil and reduce the environmental damage resulting from its improper disposal. Vendor/Contractor must meet the regulatory intent of Florida Administrative Code (FAC), Rule 62-710.

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Buyer’s Requirements

General Requirements

- Insurance Required

- Local Service Required

- License Required

- Spill Containment Plan

Award Requirements

- All or None Award

Bid Submission Process

Bid Submission Type

Physical Bid Submission