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Basic Information

Reference Number


Issuing Organization

City of Evans

Owner Organization

City of Evans

Project Type

IFB - Invitation for Bid (Formal)

Project Number



2019 Asphalt Patch Project

Source ID




United States, Colorado, Weld County

Job Location

Various locations throughout the city

Piggyback Contract




06/27/2019 01:27 PM MDT

Question Acceptance Deadline

07/03/2019 12:00 PM MDT

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

07/10/2019 09:00 AM MDT

Contact Information

Leon Blasco




Work for the 2019 City of Evans Asphalt Patch Project consists of 79 patches located  mostly in subdivision areas on local streets.  There are 6 patches that are located on Arterial roadways.  Minimal traffic control should be anticipated.  The majority of the patches will be removal of existing asphalt and placing back 6 inch depth of asphalt with minimal to no sub-grade work.  If a patch is determined by the city project manager to require sub-grade prep it will be considered a deep patch requiring removal of an additional 8 inches of sub-grade and placing an 8 inch Class 6 base layer before paving back with 6 inches of asphalt.  Hot mix asphalt  S 75 PG 64-22 with 20% RAP, Class 6 Base material.  Crushed concrete base will not be accepted.  There are multiple utility manholes, water valves, and cleanouts that are required to be brought to grade.  Grade rings are scheduled as a line item for raising manholes.  Existing concrete collars are to be removed and replaced with the asphalt patch.

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Buyer’s Requirements

General Requirements

- Insurance Required

- Contractors License Required

- Installation Required

- License Required

- Safety Standards Plan

Bonding Requirements

- Bid Bond

5 %

- Performance Bond

100 %

Bid Submission Process

Bid Submission Type

Physical Bid Submission

Additional Bidding Instructions

Bid opening in the Evans City Council Chambers at 9:00 am July 10th.

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